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There are many Twitter ( marketing tips that business owners should consider. The guidelines outlined in this article may help generate more interest in your business and bring repeated traffic to your website.

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Twitter is a free social networking service that enables its users to send and read short messages. It’s also referred to micro-blogging due to the fact that messages cannot be longer than 140 characters. The service can be accessed from (Please note that is not the correct address).

Using Twitter can be beneficial to your business in generating new leads and keeping in touch with the existing customers. Even more so, Twitter puts a personal face to your business. People like knowing that little bit more about the people running the business. Here are some tips how this can be effective to your business.

Ask People To Follow You On Twitter Follow MeIf you have a company website, then you should actively advertise your twitter link on your website to make more and more users part of your twitter network. On the other hand, if potential customers do not know whether you have a account or not then you will fail to produce many tweet followers. If you wish to actively use the service for your marketing purposes then it is a must to focus on gaining as many followers as possible, or else your marketing strategy will be rendered ineffective.

Twitter Widgets

A Twitter widget places all your updates and posts on your website in the location where you place the widget. This allows all visitors to your website to see these updates and observe that your account is active. It will also give them the facility to embed your Twitter widget onto their own websites. This will generate followers on your Twitter account.

Tweet Everyday WidgetsUsing this mode of marketing requires you to Tweet on a regular basis. There is a fine line between being active and overusive, and you must not cross it. On the other hand, if you fail to be active enough, then you will fail to maintain enough followers.

Twitter marketing can ensure that followers come to your website time and again. It is also a very method of introducing your followers to special promotions and occasions that you may have on offer.

Marketing Tip: To harness the popularity of twitter for search engine optimisation, first identify the keyword phrases you will need and then try using them extensively in your tweets. Also try creating back links to your Twitter account and thereby your keyword-optimized tweets through social bookmarking or article marketing. Then wait for a few days and see your Twitter account and tweets start dominating your niche when the keyword of your choice gets on the front page. This is a powerful way to generate instant website traffic on your Twitter account.

Please note that the correct web address is www. and not www.  There are also other social networking reviews of Facebook, HomePageHome and Delicious.

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  • We’ve been on Twitter with our Amish Furniture online distributor for awhile now and keep getting positive results. Not many sales, but we are able to keep a good pulse on the industry through Twitter tracking tools and research instruments. Very interesting to see where it goes.

  • Twitter is such a paradox. So addicting. So tempting. Such a level playing field. Is it universally applicable for every business? Probably not, but here’s to trying. I like the way the discussion is taking off these days. Wherein a problem like “How to use Twitter” would take years to hash out in 1980’s, we can each blog and share our experiences on the internet these days. We’ll find a way to make this work sooner or later.

  • John D

    Yeah, too much spam is really a problem. A number of my friends make their accounts private – I guess one of the ways to combat spam. Who knows. I don’t think that there is anything left on the internet that hasn’t been exploited by spammers.

  • My experience with Twitter has been hit or miss. On the one hand it is like a realtime zeitgeist of the internet. Looking at a live twitter feed gives you an interesting sense of what is going on in the world. And I have had situations where gmail went down and I found out that it wasn’t just me by searching on twitter. On the other hand, there is so much spam on twitter, that systems like DM are unbearable, and I get so many friend requests from bots, accounts that aren’t real.

  • Mick Blue

    Why would people want to read your twiter messages? I find it strange that people feel the urge to share what they do every moment. Why would anyone care?