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Mathletics is an educational website ( dealing with learning and enjoying Maths in a positive, enjoyable, and equally challenging virtual environment.

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Mathletics Review

Mathletics is an educational website dealing with learning and enjoying Maths in a positive, enjoyable, and equally challenging virtual environment. It offers the possibility of learning and at the same time enjoying the subject intended for children with ages from 5 years old to teens until age 18 years old. Another good thing that you are out to enjoy when visiting this website is the possibility of harnessing your kid’s hidden intelligence in dealing with numbers and other subjects related to the application of mathematics. The website offers interactive pages that comes in a fresh theme and the right combination of colors. It seems like the designer of the site has done his craft into making something that would really entice kids and their parents to get hold of the chance to learn math in a very fun yet challenging approach.

Mathletic website offers valuable customer service that you can contact for questions and other concerns. If you want to call them there are available numbers outlined in the Contact Us page of the website. The physical office of Mathletics is located in North Sydney, Australia.

Why Mathletics? Mathletics in Fun!

It is the foremost goal of every parent to develop skills of their child. While every child would essentially learn valuable things when in school, there is still that added benefits and pride for every parent to introduce new things to their child in which they can really benefit from. Mathletics can be considered as an innovative tool that can both spell fun and learning. The areas of learning that were briefly introduced in the interface of the site are interesting. The overall presentation of the website really spells fun learning for various ages —

Mathletics Parent Registration

Parent registration is available online at Parents are able to view their child’s progress and receive reports by email. There is no cost for parents to register, however, there is cost to use the website. Normally, children get access from school, however, individual sign ups to are also welcome.

Benefits for School

  • Engaging Maths games for Children
  • Students love Mathletics
  • Students are motivated to learn
  • Improved results
  • Easy to use
  • Students have access to Mathletics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Perfect link between home and school.

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The review " – Online Maths Games" was last updated on 17/04/2015.

  • Trent

    Superb title.
    C-count me out, oh
    C-count me out. oh
    It better be good

  • Chelsea

    so boring… it’s basically like a chore!!!!! do NOT recommend it at all !!!!

  • Can anyone help?

    I am in secondry school and it won’t let me play the actual games and verse people?

    Does anyone know why?


  • Secil ay

    The dots on the division are so shiny that it hurts me and my dughter eyes,

  • Maths Game
  • lachlan

    hi ive played mathletics for 2 years now and i have found that when i was 9 i could bearly do the 9x tables but now after play this educational game it has given me the ability to do stuff like 12x tables… so i just want to say thanks to this wonderfull program and i would encourage kids from 5-18 to hop online and have some fun while learnimg at the same time…. good luck 🙂

  • morgan

    Mathletics is really useful for all children from 5-18 if they have problems on how to do maths equations or anything else mathletics is always the thing to turn to. IT’S GREAT!!!!

  • brooke


  • cherrie

    i think this is really good cause now i could improve on my maths so yeah

  • josiph

    i just want to sign up thank you!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!lol lol lololololol

  • nobel

    hi mathletics people

  • Matheletics sounds like a fun educational way for kids to learn math. My daughters enjoy these types of games and of course mom and dad like that!

  • jeyagowry benadit

    I think mathletics is good for students. it is a good job.I’am wishing for your service good luck.Is very intersting website for children.and also Iwant to sign child name prinsiya she always sit at the computer and play mathletics games and do exercises.It is very useful for my child.and also i want tell you it’s really fun

  • emelia

    i need to sign up

  • Nur

    mathletics is the best

  • kassidy

    mathletics is fun people from around the world come together and start playing you verse them online try it its really fun

  • There lots of educational games out there. Even this games website has “Educational Games” section where kids can play adding, spelling, maths and other games.

  • Joanne Black

    How is mathletics different from, say, or They all seem to offer similar type of math tutoring.


  • User

    That sounds like a really interesting website. If they could get a certain school or District sign up to make it part of their curriculum, they could make some real money from the site too.

    I hated maths as a kid but maybe if I’d had this site I wouldn’t have hated it quite so much (i still think I’d hate it a little!!)

  • Tim Maroni

    Some schools include mathletics into their normal teaching curriculum. I know some kids going to Holy Rosary primary school and their teachers encourage them to practice maths that way.

  • Jan Smith

    It’s also cool how mathletics lets you compete against other kids in other parts of the world – in real time. The program seem to have quite a number of users, which makes it so much fun for kids.

  • Bob Down

    Man, Malthletics is cool! My son always keen to play Mathletics on the computer and once he starts, it’s hard to stop. At least he is learning something with this game – maths!