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GraysOnline ( is an Australian online retail and auction company, offering a huge range of consumer, industrial and commercial goods, direct from manufacturers and distributors.

Ads by Google – Online Retail and Auction is an online auction company, based in Australia.  The website is very comprehensive and it comes straight to auction, without any frills, which adds to the functionality of the website. It speaks directly to the customer. The homepage has a nice look to it with tiny thumbnails showing the picture of the latest things on display and the bid price.

The different items which are getting auctioned and bids are open are given as thumbnails which link them to their individual pages.  There are small segments in the homepage like the left hand side of the homepage has a nicely scheduled list of all the different categories of items that are on auction there is a small box on the left hand side of the page which shows at a glance the hottest auctions on floors at the moment.  There is a search bar on the top of the page which helps the customers/bidders a lot. Then on the topmost part of the page are hyperlinks leading to other pages of the website which talk about the company. There is a blog by the CEO of the company which has been linked to the website and is a good initiative to build a rapport and trust between him, his company and the customers. There is another page, the feedback page, which provides a platform to the customers to put forward their suggestions or grievances. is  a great site with all the things in place and a perfectly smooth bidding procedure.

The website can be accessed with either or (which redirects back to the main .com domain).

GraysOnline Computer Auctions

GraysOnline is famous for its computer auctions. Anything from netbooks to powerful servers goes through the auction every day. Retail outlets, hardware manufacturers and corporate organisations get rid of extra IT stock through Grays, so, it’s a good place to check if you are looking for a cost effective solution to your IT requirements.

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The review " – Online Retail and Auction" was last updated on 04/05/2015.

  • Alex_S_

    Bought laptop for particular job. Needed 120GB hard drive space at least, so went for one with 160GB that was advertised at that time. Lap top arrived after 1 week, I installed windows and realized that hard drive is 80GB. Sent them 3 e-mails one e-mail every day finally got reply by some rude chick saying that they have some kind of report that says hard drive is 160GB. I got it to the manager who had a bit more manners, so he asked to get it ready for pick up to check it out by they technicians. 3 weeks later I e-mail them again, rude phone chick replies: “here is no particular time when we finish checking laptop, we will e-mail after we complete”. I am getting to the manager again. Manager says: “we have checked hard drive on laptop and numbers on it do not match numbers on the report, so we send it back to you”. Isn’t it bottom end of human STUPIDITY? So if you still want to buy from them, I recommend to check prices somewhere else first, as it not always lower, then consider you will get no help from them whatsoever.

  • Quaggle

    After 3 weeks we still haven’t received a matress purchased through Grays Online. They use Messenger Post Couriers ( a division of Australia Post) and “apparently” the matress is missing. How you can lose a matress I will never know!

    After paying premium for delivery $222 I had expected it to arrive within the week. When it didn’t show called Grays to be told we had to wait at least 10 working days.

    10 working days later we call again to be told an investigation would be lodged and could take 48 hours. This time passed and I emailed customer service to be told an investigation could take up to 4 days.

    Yep well guess what, 4 days passes and still nothing and in the meantime I have requested a refund. After being fobbed off again I insisted the enquiry be escalated – still no good, told that we had to wait till close of business yesterday and we would be advised.

    No advice received ( doesn’t surprise me ). I have emailed again requesting refund.

    I’ve also lodged a complaint with Dept of Fair Trading. I doubt they will be able to do much, however they need to know of the business practices of companies like this.

    Grays Online are very quick to take your money, but trying to have a problem rectified is almost impossible.

  • Ray Bracewell

    I bidded for an item yesterday which ended at 9:15pm. The going …..going period lasted 3 hours! Imagine a real auction lasting that long. People would fall asleep or go home. New bidders were coming in to bid two hours after the official end time (9:30). Imagine, you are bidding for an item you want and waiting for an end to it so you can do something useful like go to bed. Then some one comes in from the pub or wherever, switches on his computer, logs into Grays and see this going going gone auction. Oh that looks interesting….I’ll have a bid even though I never really wanted that item (otherwise I would have bid for it before the official end time). So people were making first time bids at 11:30pm while the bona fida bidders were waiting patiently for the bidding to stop. I will definitely be less likely to use Grays in the future after this bizarre auction. This 10 minute rule favours the auction house. Normally an organisation which has procedures which are not customer friendly will eventually fade away. At least with Ebay you know exactly when the auction will end. Grays is a hit and miss affair. Prepare to wait a long time if there are many bidders.

  • Rankin

    They are big looter — they sell false product–Beware of them– They sold me pocket spring mattress –its false, i bought today not happy at all — going to complaint at consumer affair–if they refused to take it back– as they are openly lieing on internet.

  • Michelle Amor

    I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars through graysonline over the last 7 or so years. I was in desperate need of a computer as the one I use for my home business was starting to have issues. I like to do heaps of research and worked out what I wanted. I was watching one that had it all and it said 3 minutes to go so I clicked to make a bid and it ended beofre my eyes! I couldn;t believe it.
    So I spent 3 weeks at least watching and waiting for another one to come up – I need a blue ray burner for my business. but none were appearing.
    I decided to ring Grays custoer service and attempt to ask them an honest HUMAN TO HUMAN question – what were the chances that they would have some with a BR burner and is it worth me waiting or not? Of course they gave me the AUTOMATED response that new stock is arriving all the time and they have NO WAY of knowing. Three days later I bought one with everything but the BR burner.
    The next morning I called to pay because I had been waiting for funds to transfer. When I hung up I did something I shouldnt have done – quickly searched for the model with the burner!! Of course 8 OF THEM POPPED UP ON THE SCREEN as listed that morning! I was SO upset! You think they could have given me a heads up!
    So I called back immediately only to be given a two hour run around where they basically said they could change it for me (The ones with the burners were even buy it now not auction) but WOULDN”T because it was a long process and they wanted to maintain the integrity of the auction. I understand this but I have been buying from them for years and the item hadn’t even left the warehouse. I tried everyuthing I could to have it changed, and no one would help at all. They even said they are in the process of designing a procedure where they can allow customers to change their mind, but it hasn’t been put in place yet so TOO BAD FOR ME. I will never buy from them again and I will never be telling all my family and friends to buy from them again. I have sent so much business there way over the years but it really means nothing to them. The other thing is had I have just not paid for the item, they would have gladly cancelled the invoice ands relisted the item. But they can’t do it for a loyal customer who always pays on time and follows the rules. It wouldn’t be a big deal normally but I make dvds for funeral slideshows and I think it would be nice to provide the highest resolution possible for these tragic events – don’t even want it for myself but more for my clients. GRAYSONLINE DO NOT VALUE LOYALTY AND DO NOT HAVE A CARING PERSON ON THEIR “CUSTOMER” SERVICE STAFF.

  • allan mccormick

    I have been buying goods from Greys for over 12 months. I have never had a bad experience with either delivered goods or pick up products. I have found their staff to be most helpful & efficient. I haven’t had to wait long at pick ups either. I have bought things like wine, watches. tv’s computers etc. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a bargain. Regards Allan.

  • Grant

    I have brought several things from Graysonline and generally very happy. My purchases are mostly retail type goods as opposed to used auction goods so I can’t comment about them. Here’s my advice;

    1. Read the auction notes – be very clear what you are bidding/buying, some people I’ve red about thought they were buying something and were surprised it wasn’t what they had ordered eg higher spec model, brought a software license not physical product. Go by the description NOT the picture

    2. Check the warranty and be happy with it or don’t bid. They vary a great deal

    3. Check the postage – Grays charge a lot for their post so ensure you check it – don’t moan later.

    4. Pricing – do not go by their RRP etc – do a check on the www and know what they are selling for. eg, some items have an RRP of $1000 but you will find retaillers are selling them for $500 anyway with a full 12 month warranty so Grays $499 + $100 post is bad value.

    5. Pick up Versus delivery – Up until reecently I all my items were posted and I was happy. My last purchase was a pick up. I found their pick up very Mickey Mouse. I spent 2 hours over 2 trips and still haven’t got my items. There were big queues and lots of frustrated people. I will not buy a pick up auction from Grays again but will do their delivery option.

    Do your homework and Grays can be a good source of bargins, don’t and you run the risk of being carried away and over-paying. If picking up take a book!

  • I took a look at the site and looked pretty neat. I keep seeing lots of these online auction sites lately, but haven’t been crazy about it. Maybe I haven’t won anything yet that’s why my interest level is low. It seems that the bidders will just about always big till the price reaches retail level. However, they’ve investment lots of time and energy. Might as well go to the store and buy it.