Flybuys Rewards Program

FlyBuys ( is one of the most popular point reward programs in Australia. Found in 1994, it is still as strong as ever. This article provides FlyBuys details and a list of participating vendors.

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FlyBuys -

FlyBuys is the most popular rewards and loyalty program in Australia.

FlyBuys is one of the first Australian rewards programs operated by Loyalty Pacific, a joint venture of Wesfarmers and NAB.

There are millions of FlyBuys cardholders in Australia. Members collect points from household consumer purchases (and through credit card use) and subsequently exchange points for gift cards, merchandise, flights and other rewards.

Earning points is really easy. All you need to do is present your card when you spend a minimum of $5 at any of the participating FlyBuys businesses. Then, once you’ve collected enough points, you can redeem them for one of the great rewards on offer.

Earning Points points collection is directed largely at regular consumer purchases, and most points are issued by the major Wesfarmers brands.

FlyBuys – earn points at the following shopping outlets:

It also appears that FlyBuys can now be connected to an NAB MasterCard or Visa for earning options at over 24 million locations world wide:

You may also like to read about prepaid credit cards, redeeming FlyBuys  available online.

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The review "Flybuys Rewards Program" was last updated on 30/07/2015.

  • Peter Freeman

    Can some one show me how to register for these flybuy cards

  • Maureen Meredith

    Absolutely fabulous. Received $100 gift card and am now eligible for another. It was
    really great coming so close to Christmas and took a look of stress out of a very stressful
    time of year.

    Having trouble trying to access the second gift card and would appreciate so help.


  • kally coles

    i would just like to say that i have just redeemed my points and it was so simple and quick, all done in no time at all

  • mandy graham

    Easy to use,easy to claim, not so easy to get huge amount of points

  • John D

    If you have no luck logging in to Flybuys website, there is no other option but to phone them up. They will need to confirm your details before doing anything else, I’d guess.

  • natasha

    hi im trying to work out how many points i have how do i found that out? and i wont to know its been a real lone time from getting my last letter from flybuys.

  • Carmelita Jay

    Wouldn’t it be good if flybuys’ shopping outlets staff ensure to ask the customers if they have flybuys whenever they make a purchase. I know Target on Queen St Mall does.

  • John D

    Sarah – you just need to go to and register online. I think the program is only available for Australian and New Zealand residents (FluBuys New Zealand is at

  • sarah dawn hancocks

    can some one please help me to start

  • sarah dawn hancocks

    i have naver had flybuys and would love to join. but i dont now how to start.

  • Robyn Preston

    How crazy is this system to redeem $20. Is it worth using Flybuys card and getting frustrated using this system.

  • Drew Nan

    Flybuys rewards seem to be quite old. Is it really possible to collect enough points to turn them into something substantial? Has anyone done that?