Who Is Your Foreign Exchange Broker?

World First is a leading force in the foreign exchange field, both in Australia and overseas.

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WorldFirst.com.au – Foreign Exchange Brokers

World First is a leading force in the foreign exchange field, both in Australia and worldwide. They’re the first choice for many personal and business clients who want a simple and effective way to transfer money to other parts of the world, as well as to receive excellent advice on the whole currency exchange process. To date, World First have enabled their clients to transfer over five billion dollars, all the while making sure that they receive the best possible money exchange rates. With offices in Sydney, Hamilton and London – World First has become a well-respected international company.

The benefits of using a foreign exchange broker can be extremely valuable to businesses wanting to invest abroad as well as individuals who are moving to another country. Brokers can offer practical advice about both these situations, as well as offering a highly personalised service. By using the services of a foreign exchange broker, businesses and individuals can be sure that they’re getting the best possible currency exchange rate, and are therefore getting the best possible out of their investment. Whether this overseas investment is intended to buy a business premises or a new family home – when there is a significant amount of money involved, getting the best possible currency exchange rate is extremely important.

World First offer a variety of services to their varied client list. These services include currency exchange for expats, support for those thinking of emigrating from or to Australia, transfers for overseas property and regular or one of payments abroad. For businesses, World First are able to offer foreign exchange hedging strategies, payments to overseas suppliers, overseas investments and help receiving or exporting foreign currency. All of these practices can be difficult to navigate alone, and World First has plenty of client testimonials to prove that they can make these processes significantly less stressful. Providing a high quality service is extremely important to World First, and many of their clients – both business and personal – return to use their services over and over again.

Each foreign exchange broker at World First is highly trained and skilled with specific expertise and experience. World First strive to be flexible, knowledgeable, efficient and polite. This high level of service has developed a reputation in the financial industry, and although a relatively new company, World First have quickly become well renowned in their specialist field.

Also worth noting is the fact that World First offers its corporate customers a guaranteed package of low payment fees and unbeatable exchange rates. This is vital in the corporate industries when a small change to the money exchange rate can make a big dent in their profit margins. World First understands this, and works hard to ensure that all their clients get the best deal possible.

WorldFirst.com.au is an inviting and easy to use website which introduces visitors to the many benefits of using a foreign exchange broker service.

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The review "Who Is Your Foreign Exchange Broker?" was last updated on 18/04/2015.

  • Bob B

    I tried sending money to the US with Worldfirst.
    And wish I hadn’t.
    Apart from breaking the privacy laws by recording my calls to them without my permission, they gave me conflicting information on the exchange rates ultimately costing me $100’s of dollars.
    That is not to mention being rude , and demeaning to me on the phone, as well as not correctly setting up my account online for several days after I transferred them over $3500. They left me hanging without access to my account for over 4 days ( when I needed to transfer time sensitive funds ) because it was the weekend and they wanted to get away from work.
    It was really amazing at how after all this the prevailing attitude from staff including ” Andrew ” the “boss” was to personally attack and threaten me with financial loss when I said I wanted to terminate our business relationship.
    Not one apology, the mark of morally weak men.
    So if want to be ripped off, yelled at bullied and personally attacked as well as not have access to your account then these guys are for you.

  • Interesting take on this issue. I for one have seen quite a few twists on this and can usually spot the holes inside the arguement on the other hand, on this occasion I belelive your writing is such that every person must be in agreement with this. Thank you for sharing it with us.