What Do You Need To Make Money Online?

There are thousands of people out there claiming to have made a fortune with their websites and other online ventures. Is it really that easy? How do they do that?

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Making Money Online Making Money Online

Making money online is hard work

This is like any other business. In order to succeed, the business owner needs to spend a lot of time thinking, creating and then making the ideas work. It’s easy to get emotionally attached to your online venture and then hours will fly by and days will pass without you seeing any progress. Online ventures require hard work and cold blooded business decisions, just like in any other business start up.

Making money online takes a long time

There is no “quick money” secret. Even if the model is correct, it takes time for the search engines to index your web pages and it takes time before traffic starts flowing your way. And, there is no way to hurry it up. Patience is a virtue.

Making money online takes commitment

It is easy to get discouraged if nothing happen for days or weeks, or even months after the launch of your website. When that happens, it is important to stay committed to the project and continue on following your strategic plan until you see results.

Making money requires sticking to a plan

This is one of the most important points that is often overlooked. It is important to think through what you are going to do, before actually doing it. Make sure your business plan makes sense to you, and make sure that you are clear what you want to achieve. Keep on working on the idea; keep on moving towards the goal. As mentioned above, it may take time to get there, but you will if you stay faithful to your original idea.

Now that we are clear regarding the time it takes for the business idea to work and the importance of your commitment, what are the useful tools for making money online? Two aspects are equally important in running an online business.

First, it’s direct access to your website log files. There are statistics programs like Webalizer or Google Analytics, they are good, but it takes time for them to process the log files and provide you with a report. Having direct access to your web log files allows you to see in real time what search engine keywords direct traffic to your site, and what pages people are viewing. This is absolutely critical especially for the new websites. It may take time for your site to reach the first page in search engines, but the log files will show you the first searches that forward traffic to your site. Once you know what key phrases people are using, you can build up on them. Extend the page, create additional pages with the same keywords, upload images named with your keywords and so on. Try to keep your finger on the pulse all the time. Knowing what actually happens on your website right now, will have you make it happen more tomorrow!

Second, it’s online marketing. Article marketing, search engine optimisation, link exchanges, you got it. Try to think about what keywords people would use to search for your services, and go ahead – spread the message.

So, commitment, patience, developed strategic plan and sufficient access to your website statistics could be the key to your success to making some money online.

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  • I run two online businesses and I can say it is a really hard job! It takes so much time and effort to see some income coming. Sometimes I think of quitting and get a normal job like evryone else out there 🙁