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Christmas LED Lighting 7 Ways to Decorate This Year

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With the Christmas season quickly approaching, now has never been a better time to decorate your home with festive lighting and with even more variety and styles out there to choose from, why not select some colours apart from the traditional reds and greens and go wild with your home decorations. Below I have listed several ideas on the best ways to use LED lights during and after the festive period, afterall, everyone wants value for money nowadays.

Christmast Led Lights

1. Christmas Tree

A few decades ago, the traditional family had one Christmas tree in their main living room of their house and decorated it with tinsel and lighting and placed all the presents for the household underneath it. Nowadays, festive decoration has evolved and it is certainly not unusual to hear of Christmas trees in the hall way, outside and dining room as well as the living room. In light of this why not create a set theme and style for different rooms? A gothic feel in the dining room for example, with black and white decoration and lighting to give a romantic backdrop.

2. Indoor Decorations

Don’t just stop at decorating the outside of the house and the living room, at festive periods when family come round and gather at your home, your kitchen and dining room, will get used more often, so why not decorate the buffet or side table with festive colours, this will entice people into the room and help to set the mood of sharing and love during the festivities.

3. Outdoor Lights

No festive period is complete without the use of outdoor lights and decorations. LED Christmas lighting is very effective when draped over the branches of small trees or bushes to give a raindrop effect. Do this by hanging the light strands over the top of the tree and down to the sides and below the branches. This can give a truly magical winter backdrop to your garden and make you the envy of your neighbours.

4. Christmas Stockings

One of the best indoor places to drape lighting at Christmas, is around the mantel and directly above the fire place. Why not place your stockings above the fire place and then use LED lighting to in essence border your fireplace and go inbetween the stockings for that special effect. Kids will love this especially as it gets closer to Christmas.

5. Garden LED Lighting

An often underused tactic around Christmas is to line your driveways with LED lighting. One of the better ways to do this is to create some stakes in the gound and run the icicle lighting on that, so they are a few cm off the ground. By winding the lighting around the contours of your garden it will make it feel like a wonderland for approaching guests.

6. White Lights

A non festive use of lighting is to use your white lighting for decoration around the reception hall at weddings. White lights work especially well, especially draped over some romantic lighting or above the buffet cart!

7. Baby Cradle

When a baby is born and exploring the world, nothing stimulates the senses and development in terms of lighting more than hanging or draping your Christmas led lights above babies cot or bed. Why not use colours like blue and pink along with your reds and greens, to give baby something to look at while he slowly drifts off to sleep.

From my examples above, LED lighting can be very useful and utilised in a number of ways both inside your home and out and also used out of festive time. By using a little bit of imagination your sure to make your lighting set work harder for you, all year round.

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