TrueConf Video Conferencing

Businesses using benefit from video conferencing in many ways: it instantly facilitates meetings, seminars, conferences, lessons and discussion while saving on travel costs.

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With TrueConf you will get:

  • Ip based video conferencing software
  • Up to 100 participants in a video conference
  • High Definition video quality
  • Collaboration tools (Presentations, Desktop sharing, Recording)
  • Very good prices and flexible license policy
  • Year licenses and special prices for educational organizations

Video conferencing software

Sometimes you need to be in different places at the same time. For example, you have very important cross-functional company meeting and useful conference about your specialty in another city on the same day. Or you ought to organize educational/business meeting for managers from different distributed office of a company.Video conferencing is a simple way to organize instantly visual communications with your colleagues and partners wherever you and they are.

Among different vendors of video conferencing systems we can highlight some of them whose solution is flexible, easy to use and not so expansive and TrueConf is one of them.

TrueConf is international software developer that is specialized on video conferencing software for small and middle businesses and individuals. It offers two different things for people who need video conferencing solution. It proposes dedicated video conferencing software –TrueConf Server – that can be used in private local networks(LAN), virtual private networks (VPN) and in the Internet.

TrueConf Server software

TrueConf Server is ip based video conferencing solution that makes it possible to conduct multipoint video conferences even with (HD) high definition video quality with up to 100 participants in one conference. The software have to be installed on dedicate computer that will be used as an entry point for video conferencing service of a company. As client terminal simple computer or laptops can be used so existing company infrastructure, such as computers and LAN/Internet is used for video conferencing. You do not have to use specialized expansive hardware because TrueConf Server is an all in one video conferencing solution.

This software combine different functions simultaneously: Multipoint Conference Unit (MCU) HD, HD video calls, Registrar or Gatekeeper, Presence server, User’s contacts database, Client application generation, Collaboration tools(Desktop sharing and control, Presentations/Slides Show, Chat, Recording) SSL security and it works using either TCP or UDP protocols.

Business can be interested in video conferencing

This video conferencing software is interesting for small and medium distributed businesses that would like to reduce costs of business trips using online meetings and for organizations that would like to carry out distant learning sessions. It is well known fact that cover of expenditure can be achieved after 3-5 months after start using video conferencing.

This video conferencing software is free to try and there are 2 weeks (14 days) free trial period so you can download it absolutely free. What is more, you can get 1 year license and such licensing policy makes it possible to start using video conferencing without big expenses. Why pay more?

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The review "TrueConf Video Conferencing" was last updated on 18/04/2015.

  • Back when I worked at a multinational company, I was initially skeptical about videoconferencing as a suitable substitute for “being there”. I still feel that way for any meeting that has a fair amount of controversy or importance, but for routine meetings of an informational nature…like weekly product updates, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.

  • Thanks for sharing True Conf – this tool is very convenient for businessmen who are always on the road. As long as there is good internet connection, distances will never hinder a business’ operations.

  • Mae Maagad

    TrueConf Video Conferencing seems to be a very good software, especially that it allows 100 people to participate. The company that I work for could really use this kind of software. I belong to a department composed of 30 people and all of us are assigned in different areas and there are many times that we cannot hold a meeting due to our situation. I will share this tool with our team and hopefully we can make our work better.