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Three launched Australia’s first 3G mobile network in April 2003. Today, over 1 million customers know how good it is to be 3. Connect Mobile Broadband with Three!

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Connect To The Net With Three

Three Mobile Broadband launched Australia’s first 3G mobile network in April 2003. Today, over 1 million customers know first hand just how good it is to be 3.

Mobile Internet customers enjoy quality mobile services, including

  • 3 Mobile Broadband Live TV
  • 3 Mobile Broadband full length audio and video music tracks
  • 3 Mobile Broadband multiplayer games
  • 3 Mobile Broadband Internet
  • 3 Mobile Broadband face to face Videocalling
  • and much more in 3’s Broadband Zones.

The customers can also communicate with 96% of Australia’s population via talk, SMS, MMS, Instant Messenger and email. And, thanks to 3’s great Caps and plans, they get great value.

Initially, the company formed a part of Hutchison Whampoa’s global group of companies – one of Australia’s biggest foreign investors, and an employer of over 200,000 people in 54 countries. However, Three merged with Vodafone Australia in June 2009 to form new joint venture operation named Vodafone Hutchison Australia. 3 Mobile remains a separate network to Vodafone at the commencement.

Throughout the world, under the 3 Mobile Broadband brand, Hutchison Whampoa provides 3G services to over 12 million people in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

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The review " – Mobile Broadband" was last updated on 18/11/2009.

  • John D

    I agree with Grant. While 3 is ok in the city, in the country you do need Tel$tra. Just have one of those as prepaid and use it in the bush.

  • If coverage is a factor then it’s best to go with Telstra.

  • Alan Shepherd

    Where can I find details of three broadband coverage ? I have just travelled over 5000 kms thru central NSW Vic and SA. and it works nowhere except at my home base -Windand 2525. Not Happy

  • User

    In the UK, 3 doesn’t have the best coverage and it can be a bit flaky all over. That said, their prices are always fantastically cheap and they provide a hell of a lot of value in their low prices.

    Price looks about right (possibly even cheaper than here with the exchange rate). Obviously no match for a proper home broadband, but as a supplement they are great!