– Glass Pool Fencing in Perth

Since the introduction of compulsory pool fencing for safety reasons, fences made of glass became very popular - find out why.

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Glass Pool Fencing

It is a requirement set by Australian state governments that a pool fence is installed and properly maintained throughout the year. While it is always an option to use the usual steel perimeter pool fence, many households opt for a more ascetic option and choose a frameless design made out of glass.

Glass pool fencing is attractive and looks very stylish. It brings a classier feel to your pool area, and completes the landscape. Often, you won’t even notice it right away – the unobstructed view makes glass a very attractive option. Unlike conventional fencing, glass fence doesn’t make your backyard look smaller. In actual fact, it can often improve the feeling of increased space around your pool.

Fences come in different styles and sizes. Even more so, no two fences of similar style look the same as the complete result depends on other landscape features around the pool. It’s up to you to choose whether the enclosure will become a feature of your garden or blend into the existing surroundings.

Pool Safety Regulations

Pool Fence RequirementsThe Department of Housing and Works of Western Australia produced a booklet called “Rules for Pools” – the guidelines for the interpretation of swimming pool fencing requirements. You will find that The Glass Fence People comply with the guidelines outlined in that document.

For your glass pool fencing in Perth – chose “The glass fence people”. Also, visit glass pool fence website that has a directory of glass fencing contractors available in Australia and our recent review of Outdoor Wall Decor.

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The review " – Glass Pool Fencing in Perth" was last updated on 16/11/2009.

  • ValS

    It looks like they just launched a new website I like the fence photos section – for our new pool we’re thinking of getting that frameless glass fence like the one that they have on their website.

  • Mary

    I know someone who had glass pool fence installed by this company – they are really good. They install poles very deep in the ground and it actually looks very solid. And, what a pleasure to see the pool through the glass fence rather than “normal” fence.

  • Jeane

    Having a glass fence around your pool make the whole backyard look very classy. It’s definitely a big plus to any pool and waterfeature.