Start & Stop scripts for Confluence and JIRA on Amazon EC2

This articledescribes how to create "Start" and "Stop" batch files to manage Confluence and JIRA installation on Amazon EC2.

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Confluence Jira Amazon

Confluence and JIRA on Amazon EC2

Yesterday I installed Confluence and JIRA on Amazon EC2, following Adrian Hempel instructions from Atlassian. It runs very well and I we’re currently going through every feature, getting the feel for the software.

Amazon EC2 is cheap, but as mentioned in that blog post, it can be even cheaper if the server instance is stopped, when it’s not used. We created two batch files, one to stop and another one to start the server. Now all you need is to double-click the icon on my PC desctop to start and stop the services. Start the service when you come to work, stop it when you go home. Here is how I did it:

Start & Stop Batch Files

Assuming that you downloaded the the Instant Atlassian tool and have your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key and already installed Confluence and JIRA on Amazon EC2, you need to login to AWS Management Console again and get the Volume ID for your instance. You’ll find it in the “Volumes” section:

Amazon EC2 Volume ID

Once you have the details, select all (Ctrl-A) and copy (Ctrl-C) the text below, enter your details and save is as a text file (I saved mine in the same directory with other EC2 stuff, e.g., c:EC2) You can name it something like start-stop.bat

Then, create a shortcut for your desktop. Go to the folder where you saved the file (e.g., c:EC2), right-click on the file that you created and select “Send To” > “Desktop (Create Shortcut)”.

That’s it! Now you can start Confluence and JIRA on Amazon EC2 right from your desktop. Double-click and type 1 to start or 2 to stop (pause).

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The review "Start & Stop scripts for Confluence and JIRA on Amazon EC2" was last updated on 20/05/2009.

  • Mark

    I have tried this in win32 several times with correct info for the 3 required params.
    I keep getting:
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find sha1 algorithm

    When I research this there is discussion of having the latest JDK installed
    I do, and set my PATH to include C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_18bin

    not sure what else to try here to get it to work.