SoundCloud — Hear the World’s Sounds

SoundCloud is an online audio sharing platform integrated with social networking for promoting audio recordings.

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Music Sharing With Friends and Fans

SoundCloud is an online music sharing website. Where user all around the world can share their sounds using this online audio distribution platform.

SoundCloud was founded in Sweden, in 2007. Its head quarters are now based is Berlin, Germany.

In July 2013, is had over 40 million users, and 200 million listeners, worldwide.

SoundCloud offers many features for users and listeners, some listed are,

1. Paid Subscriptions: This allows users to have up to 4 hours of content, for only $38/year plan or $130/year plan for unlimited uploads of their music.

2. Distinctive URL: SoundCloud offers to users the option to upload their music, with a distinctive web address.

3. Unlimited Sounds: Registered users have the ability to listen to unlimited content + up to 100 content downloads from the site + up 120mins of content upload on there page, on a free plan.

4. Social media integration: it allows authors and users to share their favourite music online.

5. Comments feature: it allows listeners to make comments during the playback of a song. If you like that drum beat at 1.25 minute mark — you can attach your comments right that that point!

SoundCloud is not the only sound sharing website out there, but many songs upload are played within the first few minutes, and nearly all tracks receive at least 1 view.

Sign up to share your music today! it is not bad at all!

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The review "SoundCloud — Hear the World’s Sounds" was last updated on 17/04/2015.