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If you're thinking to install solar power panels on the roof of your house, visit - one of Australia's leading installers of solar power systems.

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The website provides information about promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable through products and services. Solar Shop Australia has decided to narrow its focus exclusively to designing and installing grid connect solar, sun farms and  commercially sized stand alone power system.

Solar Panels ResidentialThe company Solar Shop Australia is basically a renewable energy solutions provider that designs and installs photovoltaic (PV) grid connect and remote power systems. The company operates throughout mainland Australia and it is considered as Australia’s largest provider of grid connects solar power systems. Also, it is the leading solar panel provider company in Australia. Solar Shop Australia provides customers with high quality renewable energy products. The company’s consultant is there for you to select the solar or wind solution that best fits your needs. The consultant visits your property in order to conduct an energy audit and helps you to fill out any required paperwork.

Solar Shop Australia is also a part of Global Green Team. They have developed a specific “Green Team Program” that rewards staff who is able to cut their own personal home energy consumption. The company believes that is important to encourage the staff to take responsibility for their individual energy efficiency goal, within their homes. The company also educates their staff on the electricity consumption of all their office appliances and ensures that they use energy efficiently. (Source:

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  • I honestly believe that renewable solar energy is the wave of the future. As prices of fossil fuel rise and as supply concerns continue to appear each year, solar energy is fast becoming a viable source of sustainable energy. If prices of solar panels are really trending down, then we should likely see an increased adoption of this technology by people all over the world.

  • Prices of solar panels have been dropping every year and as this eats up 50-60% of the cost of a “solar system”, we’re seeing an increased adoption of this energy source by home users and businesses alike. This is great news for mother earth.

  • Robert D

    There are more and more solar panels out there – on the roof tops of different houses. With so much sun here in Perth, i don’t see why more people don’t have them. With the government rebate for solar power panels, it’s a great way to save and produce some electricity.

  • Let’s think renewable! A few years from now, we will likely see more homes and businesses switch to solar as their source of energy. Not only will we save the planet, we will also save ourselves thousands of dollars in the long run. Like any other investment, you’ll realize your returns with the passage of time. It’s a great way to save on energy costs really and best thing about it is you’ll never have a need for a generator as you’ll have back up power all throughout the year.

  • rob

    We were thinking about running our house on solar power for a long time but could never make the leap. We decided to do a small experiment on our yacht by installing 400watts worth of solar panels. The experiment was a success and we have never had a flat battery on board since!

  • I also have solar power I can thoroughly recommend solar shop’s service.

  • I have a few solar panels installed on my house. They only generate enough electricity to power up my water heater. However, it was costing me nearly $70 per month to run it before the solar panels were installed. Plus I got them at a pretty cheap price because a friend of mine installs them. He had some that were slightly damaged but still work fine. So I got them at a greatly reduced price. If only he had more….

  • Bev

    I spoke to a friend just a month ago who installed these solar panels on the roof of their house. He says they generate enough electricity to power the whole house and even feed some into the main grid. Sounds like a good idea to me, if only these were a little cheaper.