– Do us a Flavour

Smiths ( is running a competition to to come up with the next great Smith's potato chip flavour. If Australia likes your suggestion the best, you'll win 1% of future sales of your flavour plus $30,000 up front for your efforts.

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Do us a Flavour Competition

This is directly from Smiths website:

Yep, national fame and an unknown fortune awaits anyone who can come up with the next ‘Salt & Vinegar’ potato chip flavour. It’s not rocket science, so it might as well be you!

Just imagine in years to come, looking down at the grand kiddies and proclaiming proudly: “Yep, I was the genius behind the Lettuce and Liquorice potato chip”.

How to Enter

To enter, visit

All you need is an original taste flavour idea and a creative image to go with it. If the judges are impressed, your flavour will be one of four finalists selected toย  produce potato chips and sell throughout the land for a limited time. Plus you’ll score a nifty $10,000 for making the finals!

Then it’s up to Australia to decide which potato chip flavour they want to keep on the shelves โ€“ the big winner will be decided by a combination of sales and public votes online and via SMS.

Interesting facts about Smiths

Smith’s Crisps‘ were first manufactured in Australia in 1931 by Mr. Smith and an associate, George Ensor in leased premises in Sydney’s Surry Hills. They were originally made in a 20 gas fired cooking pots, packed by hand and distributed by Nestle confectionery vans.

Smith’s Potato Crisps‘ sold its early crisps in three penny packets, 24 to a tin. “Twist of salt” sachets were included before pre-salting had been introduced.

The Smiths Snackfood company in 1998 was Australiaโ€™s largest producer of salty snack foods and was acquired in August 1998, by Frito-Lay the second largest producer of salt snack foods in Australia, which is owned by PepsiCo.

Smiths Jackets Manufactured during the 1970s, these were crisps where the potatoes had not been peeled, leaving potato skin around the edges. There was an advert which featured dancing potatoes singing “We want to be jackets” in falsetto voices, and the slogan “So good, every potato wants to be one”.

(Source: Smiths website and Wikipedia.)

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The review " – Do us a Flavour" was last updated on 17/06/2009.

  • Phillip Iemma

    is this competion still running reading other peoples comments
    they date back about 1yr ago.
    and if it still does when does it close.

  • Phillip Iemma

    Hi Smith’s Chips,
    I have a great idea i’ll only
    discuss in person if you
    give me 10 minutes of
    your time.

    Kindest Regards,


  • chloe

    my name is chloe matton i like horses & ponysi like smiths thay are yemey

  • Dan McAullay

    Did we ever find out who won? I’ve tried looking on the website but it’s access denied!
    Personally I thought that all 4 flavours were rubbish so I didn’t vote on any of them but I hadn’t heard a result so was wondering what happened.

  • Denise Forrester

    the company didn’t have the four finalists’ flavours, out in the stores long enough for me, & probably a lot more than just me, to get to try them all, I’ve only tried the coat of arms one, & would dearly have wanted to try the others, oh well, I hope the company sees this & makes contact with me…….

  • Bob Down

    The four finalists are: “Buttered popcorn”, “BBQ Coat of Arms”, “Caesar Salad” and “Late Night Kebab”. After all of that… the most simplest names are chosen.

    It appears that the voting will go on till the 6th of December 09 and the winner will be announced next year. All the details are here:

  • admin

    If you’d like to know who won the new flavour smiths chips competition – the winners are expected to be announced on their official website on the 12th of October.


    try surf and turf

  • Peter Faulkner


    Tasty, noisy chips.

  • peter betts

    the new flavour l dream about is vegimite with or without cheese

  • Pam Bennett

    My two choices are “Crispy Pork & Macadamia”

    Also ” Apple & Macadamia”

    Yum I can taste it now.

  • audrey stokes

    My choice is “sun dried tomato” flavour

    Also “Cheesy Cheesils” flavour

    Also “Prawn” flavour

  • Rosslyn Crossley

    Seeded Sensations
    garlic,lemon,,and seeds such as seeded mustard,and sesame seeds,etc

  • allen.j.may

    Hi,Folks,I would like to see you call your new chips range,”THE AUSSIE CHIP,

  • Jean Mayers

    Chocolate dip chip – this would be chips dipped in chocolate! Yummy

  • sharon townes

    k.entucky fried flavoured chips

  • sharon townes

    i reckon the good old aussie vegemite would be very tasty

  • Sundried Tomato with Capsicum & Basil

  • Vintage Cheese & Marmalade
    Cream Cheese & Sweet Chilly

  • belinda saliba

    smoked salmon and cream cheese flavour would be yum. or even just smoked salmon on it’s own or with sour cream. i think that would be a winning flavour!!! Sorry can’t send a picture.

  • Chicken & Sweet Chilly

    Sweet Chilly

  • nick monte

    plus terriaki beef wasabi chilli or terriaki chilli it would sell great in the asian american australasian market 99% fat free baked

  • Diggle Bum

    Sorry I can’t send pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  • Diggle Bum

    Halal chip

    Tanddori chip

    Beef chip

    Morockan Lamb Chip

    Lamb Chip

    Potato & Gravy chip

    The Vegimite chip

    Seaweed chip

    The Desert chip

  • nick monte

    or chicken terriaki wasabi chilli chips

  • nick monte

    Terriaki chicken and wasabi chips

  • Diggle Bum

    I reckon that it should be

    Popcorn flavour

    BBQ Chicken flavour

    Ham flavour

  • nick monte

    i think it should be terriaki and wasabi chips healthy just like sushi

    Nick Monte

  • Trish Arnold

    The most moorish nut in the world -cashew with aged parmesen cheese.Yum

  • sharlyne

    corrinder and coconut

  • Aldo

    Being the multicultural society that we are, Smiths can create a Salami Chip! This has the potential to attract lots of Europeans and Australian’s down the chip isle in the supermarket!

  • Valerie

    chilli and basil chips, the flavour has bite and a herb zing. just right to go with any drink at any time

  • Aldo

    Traditional baked Smiths Crispy Fish ‘in’ Chips. Theflavour of the fish can vary, but a traditional favourite could be lemon pepper or paprika. Yum!

  • angela

    i would love to see a shepards pie chip mince potato gravy melted cheese its everyones favourite meal!!!!

  • Trish Zawada

    I think kebab flavour would be awsome everyone loves kebabs they are the number one take away food in the country just think you could have chicken kebab chips, beef kebab chips,or lamb kebab chips and for the hot and spicy lovers chicken and jalapenos don’t forget the cheese

  • kelli cole

    cheese and celery flavor….!!! how more australian can you get. everybody loves eating cheese and celery together.

  • jeremy whitnall

    i think a mint flavoured chip wood be cool

  • Cathy Hall

    Sorry no picture but ,Mango &chilli chips sound good.

  • Sandra Nel

    Smiths Chips as seen on A Current Affair – Smiths Chips- Do us a Flavour:

    Do us a Flavour in VEGEMITE AND CHEESE, that will be DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

  • paige clayton

    cheese and pepper

  • joyce kollbaum

    I use the computer of a friend and can’t send a picture, but my GREAT TASTE WOULD BE


  • BBQ pork and cloves/ Lemon chicken/ Pickle pork and black pepper/ Teriyka chicken/ Honey soy chicken with a twist of lemon/ Beef steak and onion/Bruschetta and onion/ Pork and wattleseed/ Chilli sour cream
    and onion.





  • battered fish

    Iam the winner

  • Margot Barth

    Ausie Bush Food Flavours: Lemon Myrtle & Macademia Nut
    Wattle Seeds & Macademia Nut

  • Admin

    Like TACO!

  • Admin

    Think of marketable flavours.

  • Avocado & Cream cheese potato chip, as many people especially children love cheese products.

  • Avocado & Prawn potato chip, as they are both healthy for everyone.

  • Marlene Aukett

    Avocado & Prawn potato chip would be great, as there both healthy and great for everyone.

  • Tammy

    poatato with curry flavour

  • Emma

    with an italian background i thought a Bruschetta chip would be great,

    Tomato, with a hint of basil and olive oil…..

  • Ash-lee Taminiau

    wasabi bacon

  • Ash-lee Taminiau

    wasabi flavoured, its the bomb, i tell no lies once u start u cant stop,its so adictive

  • admin

    These suggestions are very good. To make the actual submission for the competition, you need to submit it at

  • L.Jenke

    name : Potato Bake or The potato Bake

    based on the simple potato bake
    potatoes, bacon, cheese, cream, flavoured by cream of chicken soup [ pkt]

    simple but everyone loves it.Hope you like it

  • kristin maloney

    ” butter” flavour!!!!!

  • kristin maloney

    ” thai chilly & cheese” flavour

  • patricia franklin

    c hicken satay” beef with black olives” chocolate crunch” pork and bacon” sausage and avocardo” pavlova and lime” oysters and rock salt” cheddar cheese and cabonosi” these are some flavors ive thought of for your compotision i hope you like them.

  • Mushrooms and Garlic taylor made by smith chips