Six LED Torch Brands — Reviewed

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LED Torches Review

The first battery powered torches that use dry cell miniature incandescent light bulbs were invented in the late 1890s. Consequently, bringing great relief to those who needed to complete work in the dark, or contend with power cuts in the home. These type of flashlights were pretty much the only type you could get up to the late 1990s, and they are still in use today. However, since the first LED flashlight was developed around 2000/2001, LED torches have been more commonly used because of their greater efficiency, longer life and cheaper cost. Nowadays, LED bulbs are used in all manner of lighting equipment; from the smallest key ring torches and Christmas tree lights, right up to stadium floodlighting. Furthermore, here are a few examples of the innovative way LED torches can be used:

Klarus – Great Design & Multipurpose

klarusKlarus are among the leading brands of LED torch designers, and they produce a range of torches for multiple uses. Their XT11 Black Ops is used in hunting because of its main feature which allows you to fit colour filters. They also produce the XT1C, a personal protection torch which features three light modes and one strobe mode to disorientate any potential attacker.

Inova – Innovation in Lighting

inovaInova is a brand, which offers the latest LED technology in bike lighting. A handlebar mounted, waterproof unit which features dual colour LED illumination, allowing it to be used as a flashing tail light, and touch-activated Swipe-To-Shine TM technology. Inova also offers a torch which utilises ultraviolet LED technology. This kind of flashlight is used in several professions including; for the detection of counterfeit banknotes; for finding fluorescent dye leaks; and even in crime scene investigation when searching for blood evidence.

Nebo Tools for Outdoor Lighting

nebotoolsNebo Tools produce a lantern for outdoor use and is a portable light consisting of 24 super bright LEDs, which can be recharged by hand winding. This kind of lighting is most commonly used for outdoor pursuits like camping, fishing, boating, and hunting, but also have a range of light fittings that can be fitted to firearms. These use super bright LED lights to give greater intensity and focus.

Silva Jogger Head Torch

silvaSilva offers this headband style LED torch which can be used for any activity which requires your hands to be free. This style of torch is lightweight, powerful and often has a swivel option.

LED Lenser – German Efficiency

ledlenserLED Lenser is a high-end brand utilising the very latest in efficient German engineering. They produce torches which push the boundaries of lighting technology and have several types of LED torches and flashlights available. Their black diving light boasts the very latest in long-lasting torches specifically for underwater use. This unit is shatterproof, has a magnetic switch for ease of handling even with diving gloves on and gives strength of focus, which is innovative and unsurpassed. The LED Lenser K3 key ring light is a tiny micro lamp designed to be handily carried in a pocket or purse, and uses super bright LED bulbs to light up any emergency situation.

Photon Micro Light – Small, but Mighty

photonThe tiny Photon Micro-Light 11 key ring light features a truly innovative ‘squeeze button’ type on-off facility, and its manufacturers say its beam is visible for 1.5 km. With a long battery life, it comes in 4 different beam colours, including green for night vision.

Whether you need a powerful torch for work, leisure, or you just want some decorative lighting, LED Torches Australia features many high-quality brands including those above. So, we’re sure you’ll agree that LED lights are the best options for cost and efficiency.

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The review "Six LED Torch Brands — Reviewed" was last updated on 25/08/2017.