Bamboo Furniture & Flooring

It is a fact that bamboo flooring has grown in its popularity globally in recent years. Visit for some great ideas.

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Bamboo Flooring & Bamboo Furniture by Simply Bamboo

If you are in the process of renovating or building a new home, when making a decision regarding the floor we have to ensure that it has been the right choice.  After all the floor is one of the first things people notice when entering your home or office.

It has become a well know fact that bamboo flooring has grown in its popularity globally in recent years.

However if you are looking for premium quality bamboo flooring and service in Perth, Australia is the site to visit.  The web site gives you all the relevant information and pictures to begin your research and gives you a better understanding of what your requirements might be.

Simply Bamboo has become one of the leading bamboo flooring specialist in Western Australia today and has recently attracted attention from people interstate and overseas.  It is fair to say after years in the Bamboo Flooring industry Simply Bamboo has withstood the test of time and developed a website that is both informative and helpful to the experienced and the novice.

The website is useful in the fact it touches on both the product and installation processes.  There is a gallery where you can see examples of the flooring to give you an idea if the particular colour will suit your interior.  Recently pictures of Simply bamboo`s exclusive bamboo furniture range have been slowly being introduced to compliment the bamboo flooring range.

There is no other bamboo flooring companies in Australia that has diversified into bamboo furniture nor it has the facilities to manufacture it locally in Australia. When you purchase any flooring off Simply Bamboo a 15% discount is offered on any furniture purchased.

Overall the website promotes the highest of quality on all products that perform exceptionally well in the tough and sometimes harsh Australian weather conditions.

Simply Bamboo offers honest and professional information.  No question is a silly question, so please select the contact tab on the website and ask away.

Author: Meisha Staples Bamboo Flooring Simply Bamboo specialist in Bamboo Flooring and custom made Bamboo Furniture.

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The review "Bamboo Furniture & Flooring" was last updated on 09/07/2015.

  • Ha cool! Didn’t even now that bamboo floor existed! It looks really nice!

  • Whoa! I honestly didn’t know one could create floors out of bamboo.

    I thought I had seen everything. Bamboo sandals and bamboo tablets. But floors?

    Geez, that’s a new one! Guess I’ll just keep on learning new stuff about that type of tree every single day from now on 🙂


  • Tom

    Bamboo flooring is a great choice for hard wearing areas. Our timber furniture at is often photographed on bamboo flooring for a classy impression.

  • I think it is the best post. I like it.
    Bamboo furniture is very unique. 😀