Kiosk for Automated SIM Card Sales

Simkomat is a self-service kiosk for automated SIM card sales with an inbuilt ID verification mechanism. It is a perfect solution for mobile service operators to capture new sales in high traffic transport and tourist areas.

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SIMKOMAT – Self-Service Kiosk

Simkomat — a self-service kiosk designed to fully automate SIM card sales and mobile phone account management — is marching across the globe, gaining acceptance by mobile operators in many different countries.

The system designed by Terminal Solutions LLC, a technology firm in Russia two years ago, received strong interest from mobile network operators and MVNOs, or mobile virtual network operators, for its versatility and ease of operation.

Simkomat is a solutions enabled operators to increase sales by reaching new customers in high traffic areas and places where setting up a shop is not an option — remote communities, mining stations or business tourist events.

It is an intelligent system, which is able to verify identity of new customers by reading their ID, taking a photo or other biometric methods if required. As well as selling SIM cards it is also capable of dispensing various gift cards or even prepaid credit cards.

Mobile operators use simkomats at airports, train stations, hotels, hostels and various tourist hot spots where travellers are looking for a local SIM cards for their phone or a tablet. And because simkomat kiosks are multilingual, there are fewer barriers for customers to purchase a SIM card. Then can choose the language they understand and just follow through a few easy to understand screens to complete the transaction.

The machine allows customers to select a call plan, choose a number and any other add-on options to their new account.

Simkomat kiosks are easy to use and they are also easy to deploy. Multiple kiosks can be deployed simultaneously, with a single person capable of looking after multiple machines, refilling them with cards and replenishing consumables such as receipt paper.

“Our company pays close attention to customer service. We constantly increase the network of our offices and sale spots. However, to open an new office is not always possible because of various difficulties with office lease of property purchase, personnel hire and so on. In this case, Simkomat can become very useful,” said press service of a Ekaterinburg mobile operator Motiv, as reported by IT-Eburg online portal.

While initially developed for selling SIM cards, the system can also be used in other business settings. For example, in hostels: It can be utilized as an automated check-in system, where newly arrived residents can scan their ID, make payment and received a proximity card — a key to their room.

Update: Simkomat now includes automatic passport validation service.

Terminal Solutions LLC – the makers of Simkomat
Phone: +7 499 647 7905


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The review "Kiosk for Automated SIM Card Sales" was last updated on 17/04/2015.