– All About Fish offers a wealth of information about Australian fish - from fish names to seafood facts library and e-commerce fish store.

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Seafood Fish Australia
Location: Australia

Fish Names is one of those rare web sites that provide a wealth of topical information under one roof.  The web site is supported by the Australian Government via the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, offering well research information related to seafood and fish in general.

While the fish names are provided for the purpose of identifying and labelling fish for sale as seafood, it can also be used as a library where it is possible to lookup certain fish varieties and even report suspected misnaming of fish. When is it useful? Fish naming is useful in determining correct sort of fish when shopping on a fish market.

Seafood and Health

Scientific evidence shows that the consumption of seafood has positive health benefits for all age groups, and significantly higher benefits for certain medical conditions. The web site provides access to health publications such as

  • Seafood & Health Video Clips
  • Benefits of Seafood for Specific Health Conditions
    • Finfish and heart disease
    • Secondary prevention of coronary heart disease
    • Dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol
    • Fish oil may help to improve blood flow
    • Finfish protects against heart arrhythmia
    • Finfish and high blood pressure
    • Seafood and stroke
    • Finfish and rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune diseases
    • Finfish and obesity
    • Seafood and cancers
    • Seafood and diabetes
    • Finfish and asthma
    • Seafood and neural development
    • Finfish and cognitive decline
    • Finfish and age-related maculopathy
    • Finfish and depression
    • Seafood and women’s health
    • Seafood consumption during pregnancy and lactation
    • Seafood and older people
    • Seafood and indigenous Australians
  • Seafood Health Science
  • Seafood & Health Publications.


The website offers practical and theoretical information on how to approach current day sustainability issues, protecting the environment and fish reserves for the future generations, information about setting up an environmental management system (EMS) to improve and demonstrate good environmental performance.

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