Saving Money With Windows 7

Studies conducted with companies and organizations that have adopted Windows 7 suggest that they saved money with the new operating system.

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Companies Saving Money With Windows 7

Microsoft has researched some companies and organizations that have adopted Windows 7 and the conclusion is that all saved money with the new operating system Windows 7.

Windows 7 has been well received almost by the entire IT industry. Although the marketing campaign of the new Microsoft operating system was only launched in late October, many users have started using Windows 7 before. Both the evaluation and the testing versions, for special customers, were launched earlier in July.

Based on the feedback from this group of users, Microsoft has developed a list of benefits that the operating system has for enterprises and organizations.

Its ease of use, stability, and new features for remote administration, mean that companies that install Windows 7 on their workstations can save up to 20% of the costs associated with technical support. In some cases, that is a huge amount of money. Another form of savings is brought by the power management of Windows 7. The power saving features mean that companies will save almost $75 a year per workstation during the same period. In the case of laptops, that means an additional advantage of one extra running hour when working on battery mode. Besides of the direct savings, we have to consider the higher productivity of employees using a Windows 7 workstation.

The amounts in question stems from an investigation conducted by Microsoft itself, but additional feedback gathered, among others, by the U.S. government in Miami (more than 2,000 users), by the IT company Getronics Netherlands (more than 10,000 users) and by the British firm Baker-Tilly (more than 1,000 users) confirms Microsoft’s claims.

However, it must be said that the benchmark is not entirely clear. The savings in question can be the result of a comparison between Windows 7 with Windows Vista’s highly criticized earlier version. Or they could be with the praised Windows XP, which eight years after its release, remains the most-used operating system.

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The review "Saving Money With Windows 7" was last updated on 18/11/2009.