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RSVP ( is Australia's largest online dating service with advanced search functionality to meet someone for friendship or a relationship in your local area.

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RSVP – Australia’s No.1 Singles Site is one of the largest and most popular online dating websites – only open to single men and women. Here, members chat to single peers online and be a part of a network of over 1.5 million members. RSVP claims to attract 1,000s of new members every day.

RSVPWhat is RSVP? The system was founded by Valentine Day in 1997 and acquired by Fairfax in 2005. has been ranked as the #1 online dating site by visits in the Hitwise Personals category for a few years in a row. The acronym comes from French  “Répondez s’il vous plaît”, a phrase that translates to “please respond”. This is a great name for a dating site!

You can become a member www. in order to search & browse singles for free. As a member you will have the ability to access part of the features and services that are free, however you’ll be invited to pay in order to access the extra functionality of the website. It is important to note that www. is only meant for private use. Businesses, groups, organizations and companies are not accepted as members. Members on the RSVP site are expected to follow certain safe dating guidelines to enjoy the experience and avoid problems interacting with others. Mobile Dating

As many other singles sites, has a mobile interface, which means that members can access their RSVP account from their mobile phones. Members can search for other members on the go, contact them and check their messages. Visit their website for more information on mobile dating.

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The review " – Online Dating" was last updated on 17/04/2015.

  • If your attractive women – like myself – i was asked to provide “proof” of whom i was this included faxing my home address, drivers lisence and photo id.

    all because i wanted to join and looked too attractive for the site.

    I said get lost i am not sending you all that information!! i complained and they only re-enforced that they wanted my
    mobile number
    photo id
    drivers lience scaned
    street address

    i said no. i left this site not safe for women.

  • Stephen

    Its a sham!! I had two girls interested in me then when I went to email them by clicking their profile Username their Profile was invalid and RSVP did it because they sent them 20 hours late and the one who did not want to meet me their email came with-in 6 hours RSVP are a scam and they should be ashame of themselves. Its owned by Media giant Faifax LTD and they have a demented problem. If you want to help people find a partner you do it for free and with making the single person be photgraphed by a RSVP ID number to identify that its them for ID purposes.

  • Amy

    Met my husband through online dating.. no matter what anyone says, it worked for me! thanks for your post, it’s always good to read other people’s takes on these things.


  • Teddy Bear

    Yes, This website really works and you can find valentine on the coming occasion.

  • Tanya

    Today I actually met someone who found their future partner on RSVP! It actually works – nice!