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Register Company in Australia ( offers fast and economical company formation and incorporation services for new start-up businesses in Australia.

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Instant Online Company Registration

The days of buying shelf companies or waiting days and weeks for the company registration forms to be processed are over. The company registration process in Australia only takes minutes and is done fully online.

Company Registration Fees

There are many websites out there offering company registration services, and most of them offer a very similar service for a very similar fee. This fee normally consists of two parts:

  1. The fee that you pay directly to ASIC (currently $400) and
  2. The fee that the company charges to process your papers.

The web registration system collects your information online, sends it to ASIC, gets a response and then creates a registration certificate and emails it to you together with a set of other documents. Services

To register your business through this website is a three-step process:

  1. Complete a simple online form. You’ll need to have all the relevant information handy before you do that. This includes the full names of director(s), contact address, business registered office address, share structure and so on. It is recommended to consult with your accountant or a lawyer before completing this step.
  2. Once completed, lodges your information to ASIC for registration.
  3. Once approved, you will receive your new certificate and ACN by email.

Why use

By registering your company online you will also get documents that are required by law at the company formation. The documents that you will receive will comply with the legal requirements and will be customised with the information that you submitted for registration. The documents will include the following:

  1. Certificate of Registration with your new ACN. The official Certificate issued by ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) and A.C.N. (Australian Company Number).
  2. Officer & Member Consent. Prepared Consent forms for your to sign in the names of those acting as Officers & Members of the company.
  3. Opening Minutes. Completed with the relevant details that you submitted and dated the day your company is formed.
  4. Share Register. Full register prepared with the relevant share & member details including class, issue price and balance.
  5. Share Certificates. Share Certificates for each holding member with individual serial numbers & receipts.
  6. Company Constitution. Company constitution completed with your details.

It is recommended to consult your lawyer or accountant before making final decision regarding your business structure. There is also a useful document published by ASIC about your company and the law requirements.

Looking For More Information?

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The review " – Australian Company Formation" was last updated on 28/12/2009.

  • Spencer Moses

    Whre were hyou all tghe time. This experience inj registering a new compnahy has been just great and so precise. I wish I found you years ago.


    Will be using you again soon.

  • DB

    If you’re confused, talk to your accountant. Normally people would have a good reason to form a company in Australia as it is a very regulated business environment – I’m not sure in an Australian company is a good choice for you.

  • this is the information I’m looking for..but I ‘m confused..
    I have to choose from different types of companies but I’m scared of legal issues if I do something wrong.I’m from italy and I would like to start a company outside my country

  • DB

    Pty Ltd company may be a good choice, but only if you know what you’re into! A company is a legally separate entity and you will need to submit separate tax returns each year too. I do agree that it’s a good idea to discuss this with an accountant first.