Register A Company in Australia

To register a Pty Ltd company could not be easier. The whole company registration process takes about 20 mins and is done fully online.

Company Registration

How to register a company

Company registration in Australia is a very easy and straight forward process. Provided that you consulted your lawyer or accountant and need to register a company limited – it can all be done on-line.

These are the two government websites providing business registration requirements in Australiawww. Business in Australia – www.

Company Limited Business Structure

Before going ahead with a company registration, you need to decide what business structure best suits your need. Sole trader, partnership or a company. To register a company limited by shares (private Pty Ltd company) all you need is your name and address, the rest is done online. A private company limited by shares can provide an extra layer of security and flexibility, as business grows. A company limited by shares is a separate entity fom the owner. The onwner owns whares and works for the company the same way he or she would work for anybody else.

Company Registration Services

There are dozens of online company registration services, most of them provide similar services:

  • Direct link to ASIC – 20 minutes turn around time for registration documents
  • Companies can be registered 24/7
  • Online company application service verified the data as you enter it
  • You receive share registers, certificates, constitution and opening minutes.

Once more, before going ahead with a company registration, consult your accountant or lawyer.

Looking For More Information?

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