Register A Company in Australia

Find out what you need to register a company in Australia. All tools are available online and you can be up and running in no time.

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How to register a company

Company registration in Australia is a very easy and straight forward process. Provided that you consulted your lawyer or accountant and need to register a company limited – it can all be done on-line.

These are the two government websites providing business registration requirements in AustraliaASIC and Business in Australia. All the company registration steps our outlined on this page:

Company Limited Business Structure

Before going ahead with a company registration, you need to decide what business structure best suits your need. Sole trader, partnership or a company. To register a company limited by shares (private Pty Ltd company) all you need is your name and address, the rest is done online. A private company limited by shares can provide an extra layer of security and flexibility, as business grows. A company limited by shares is a separate entity fom the owner. The onwner owns whares and works for the company the same way he or she would work for anybody else.

Company Registration Services

There are dozens of online company registration services, most of them provide similar services:

  • Direct link to ASIC – 20 minutes turn around time for registration documents
  • Companies can be registered 24/7
  • Online company application service verified the data as you enter it
  • You receive share registers, certificates, constitution and opening minutes.

Once more, before going ahead with a company registration, consult your accountant or lawyer.

Looking For More Information?

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The review "Register A Company in Australia" was last updated on 20/04/2015.

  • I went with

    Excellent service. Really good support. i would use them again.

  • It is true Dan you can save some money but we have had many clients that have gone down that route and ended up having to have our service reissue them with the correct legal documents that you mentioned may be required.

    Not to mention the additional time and these days with costs coming down so much it seems crazy to not get all the legal documents.

    You can view our service at

    The other thing to consider these days with some companies that are offering registrations is too make sure that the legal documents are updated and cover what you require. We again have had clients that once they read the constitution that it did not offer them the flexibility they were after so they had to adopt a Constitution. And whats worse the company they did it through was basically just a software system with no real people on hand to be of service so they found it a very frustrating experience.

    So just make sure that the service you choose provides quality legal documents as well as help on hand if required.

    Richard Muir

  • Hi Veit,

    Another link is which also shows the cost for the various types of companies.

    Its cheaper that registering with a site, but the disadvantage is that all you get from ASIC is a certificate of registration. None of the required documents that are required by law, eg consent forms, share registries and share certificates are prepared for you, you need to do it all yourself. All the mentioned sites will do all this for you based upon your answers. If you’re willing to do it yourself you can save yourself some cash though.


  • John D

    Hi Veit –
    Check this page:
    Step 5 has a link to a company registration form.

  • Veit

    Hi everybody,

    Does anyone have the direct url to where I can register a company online with ASIC directly?

    That’d be really helpful! I seem to be unable to find it…



  • I think the idea of registering online is great, but feel if you are using a lawyer anyway then they could do this for you. Not sure about the price implications with this though. I would personally sleep easier at night if i had a personal contact i could call upon if i had a problems or queries.

    Great article.


  • Gab

    Another Tip, also is to check if your name is not taken or if there is no copyright issues with your trading name… just to avoid problems in the future.

  • I think this is one of the better company registration services around. We are a legal services organisation which provides advice on the set up of companies to small businesses and we have found that they site does the necessary job of setting up a company with all of the correct documentation without the expensive costs of a lawyer involved from the very beginning. It is an excellent service. I think the Directors of potential new companies can benefit from it a lot.

  • John D

    Alison –
    when you register a pty ltd company online, you’ll get a set of documents already customised for you. And yes, once you get them, you’ll need to sign and date them. So it seems that it’s all worked out and done in accordance with the Australian corporations act.

  • Alison

    If you register a company online, does the law require you to sign registration forms in person? Is it really enough jut to fill in the form online?

  • John D

    I agree with the comment above. Once the company is registered, running the business is not a simple job. The main lesson that I’ve learnt from my experience – you can’t afford to buy cheap things. It pays to set everything up right from the very start. It makes life so much easier…

  • It is very important to select the type of business you want to incorporate as. And even more important you need to open up at least one bank account for your company. If you company has a finance arm and a separate consulting unit it would be wise to create and maintain 2 separate banking accounts and NEVER COMMINGLE ASSETS!. If you mix find from each account you risk putting all your companies liquid assets in jeopardy. Good information, I just wanted to add an important note that I learned the hard way.

  • Rob

    There is a review of www. posted here:

    It’s amazing how soon the application is processed and how quickly you get all the documents for the company – Certificate of Registration, Opening Minutes Share Certificates, Company Constitution etc. The trick is then to maintain the company information up to date and make sure ASIC is updated of any changes.

  • John D

    Yes, Aus Business Review was registered online too, as you can see the details at ASIC –

    It makes sense (if you’re know what you’re doing that is,) to register a company online.

  • Stacy Brin

    While online registration is good, you don’t get the personal approach and detail clarification, such as what type of shares to register (and how many) and even, whether the company formation is the best option for the business! Don’t underestimate the value of your accountant!

  • Drew D

    I agree. We also registered a company online. No problem at all and it’s much cheaper than paying a lawyer or your accountant.

  • Register a company

    We did two company registrations on-line. One with “register a company” and another with “trust deed”. Both registrations went very smoothly, ASIC was updated right away and we received a company certificates by email. I think, doing it online is the most convenient way to go.