Acne Treatment

Proactiv Solution ( is an acne management system that treats existing acne and helps control future breakouts in 3 easy steps.

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Caring for Skin with Acne

Acne sufferers know that how they treat their skin will have a great impact on the effectiveness of the treatments they may be using.  They have to pay more attention to how much they care for their skin and provide more care than the average non acne sufferer. If you are concerned with your situation, visit www. for more details on this skin condition.

Acne Care Tips

Proactiv Acne TreatmentIf you have recently developed acne, or are facing difficulties treating it, here are some basic yet essential tips to keep in mind.

Be gentle with your skin. Scrubbing away those sores just doesn’t help.  Apply treatments slowly and carefully to avoid damaging sensitive or delicate areas.  Facial scrubs and exfoliating should be avoided.

Choose mild soaps and cleansers that rinse off easily. Strong cleansers are much harder to rinse and remain on the skin after washing and can cause irritation later on.

Ensure that soaps and cleansers don’t contain chemicals that are known to counteract the natural health of your skin. Healthy skin is beautiful, so always think about the health aspects first and foremost rather than concentrating on making it look better straight away.  Damaged skin can take time to heal and this process is not always attractive in itself.

Always seek the advice of a dermatologist if you are unsure about the products you are using, or even just for peace of mind. Skin types do vary too, so a specialist should be consulted at some stage to give you a better understanding of your skin and the best ways for you to treat your acne.

Shaving is an extremely important part of a man’s general hygiene and acne sufferers should certainly take the utmost care when they shave.  When shaving, men must try to shave carefully so as not to damage skin.  It is recommended to try to use a new blade each time you shave.  As with soaps, make sure that any shaving creams, foams or oils are mild and don’t cause irritation.

Women must also be vigilant when it comes to the cosmetics they use.  Try to minimize their use as much as possible, and heed to advice that tells you to stop using them at all.  Always remember to remove them completely, especially before sleeping.  Non-comedogenic cosmetics are recommended for acne sufferers. Acne Treatment – 3 Easy Steps

Proactiv® Solution is an acne management system that treats acne and helps control future breakouts in 3 easy steps:

  1. Renewing Cleanser gently exfoliates dead skin cells allowing Benzoyl Peroxide to penetrate the pores and treat blemishes.
  2. Revitalising Toner removes dead skin cells, unplugs pores and helps remove excess oil.
  3. Repairing Lotion contains Benzoyl Peroxide to treat blemishes and help prevent future breakouts.

If you are not totally satisfied with the results, simply return the bottles within 60 days – even if they are empty – for a complete refund of the purchase price (less p&h). Always read the label. Use only as Directed. More info:

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The review " Acne Treatment" was last updated on 17/04/2015.

  • HA

    Even so, it is important to note, that clearing acne scars overnight is rather not possible. Yes you can make use of particular acne scars house treatments for the same. These remedies are very basic and can very easily be used at property. To get rid of acne scars overnight a easy remedy is to mix honey and lemon juice in equal quantities.

  • Hanson

    Acne is caused because of bad bacteria in the body. This is because most people have a

    poor diet. When you eat clean, natural foods, your body doesn’t create no where near as

    much bad bacteria. When your body has too much bad bacteria, it uses the skin to detoxify.

    This is because the skin is the largest detoxifying organ. To have beautiful skin, it is

    imperative to eat right, drink a lot of water, exercise, and not smoke. All of these

    things also aid in not aging the skin as fast. Good topical products for acne are face

    washes containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide cream. I prefer the 3 step system

    from Clinique called Acne Solutions. Salicylic acid can aslo aid in antiaging.

  • I have used Proactiv in the past and it only worked for a short time. Right now I am using Acne Solutions from Clinique. It works really well. It costs $50 for a three month supply and you don’t have to order it with an automatic monthly delivery. You can purchase it from Clinique’s website or buy it at their makeup counter in the mall.

  • I used to think that expensive products are more effective. I was on Proactiv for about six months and it gave me great results but then suddenly for some reason I still don’t know until now, the breakouts came back. And back with a vengeance. I kept on with Proactiv for another three months but the acne just got progressively worse. I was spending way too much on a product that was making me look worse than I ever looked a year before and so I decided to stop. Because my skin couldn’t take any more of the harsh stuff, I switched up to gentler products (and very inexpensive) like Cetaphil for cleansing and witch hazel for toning.. By choosing a mild and less irritating alternative, I’m now seeing a significant improvement on my skin.

  • Norma

    I guess as with any other creams/meds, proactiv works for some and doesn’t for others. I’d say, keep on trying. For myself, my acne and pimples only went when I was in the final year at high school.

  • Laras

    I had many bad worse acne, it appeared when I was in 5th grade in elementary school, and I ignore it. now I use proactive but it not change, it still bad. now I was 3rd grade in high school. can I ask why?

  • Tamara

    Does this thing actually work? There are so many acne treatment products, you don’t even know what to try first…