PASSPORT CHECK — Verification Service

Simkomat has launched a new passport recognition service to validate Russian internal passports in a bit to fight fraud and automate ID verification process.

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PASSPORT CHECK – Online Passport Verification Service

A new passport recognition service Passport Check was recently launched in Russia designed to validate Russian internal passports in a bit to fight fraud and automate ID verification process.

The service, currently in beta, allows anybody to submit a photo of a passport via a secure web site and receive a verdict of the document validity.

The system is originally designed for Russian internal (or domestic) passports, which do not have the MRZ, or Machine Readable Zone, present in most other ID documents around the world. MRZ allows computers to parse the passport data by scanning the two or three lines of text at the bottom of the photograph page, which include all information about the ID holder.

Information on many Russian passports is typed on a typewriter, or written by hand. Hence, a new technology was needed to process these passports, which cannot be red by commercial scanners currently available on the market.

The goal of this service is to demonstrate the capabilities of the software developed by Izhevsk-based company Simkomat. There is a great potential for the technology to be used in contract management as well as online services, such as dating. For example, westerners can verify the ID sent to them by a “Russian bride,” to avoid being scammed.

How does it work?

They system is able to deal with the following non-standard features of Russian internal passports:

1. Present of different fonts on the photo page
2. Non-standard fonts
3. Bold and italicized typeface
4. Handwritten data
5. Non-standard passport book
6. Different colours of text

The fact that all information is in Russian, for many foreign people not familiar with Russian ID documents, adds on to the mystery of the Russian passport.

Like most other security documents, the passport has a number of security algorithms allowing the system to determine the validity of the documents.

Russian passport verification service, which is currently in beta, is offered free for personal use. It’s nearest competitor is which has a price tag of £10 (about AUD $20) for each scanned document.

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The review "PASSPORT CHECK — Verification Service" was last updated on 16/04/2015.