Online Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Online training courses help employers to prioritize business activities and create specialized courses for each individual department.

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Online Sexual Harassment Awareness

According to professional harassment trainer Judith Lindenberger in her article “Online Sexual Harassment Training Just Makes Sense,” the best form of training when it comes to employees is online sexual harassment training. While face-to-face training has its benefits, she explains that most employees desire less training time and businesses desire less complicated ways to schedule training for new hires and new changes to policies.

Recounting her experiences in hosting face-to-face training classes (from the first ever sexual harassment courses offered in 1983 for the Federal Aviation Administration, to organizing courses for a Fortune 500 company and training over 7,000 employees) Lindenberger explains that for larger companies, the task of scheduling and hosting can become daunting, almost nightmarish. Each of these training courses took her over a year to organize and implement.

Therefore, the best way to avoid these conflicting interests is to use e-learning, a platform that creates new types of training experiences while educating employees in the necessities of understanding the requirements of compliance. However, Lindenberger recommends that companies should only switch to e-learning courses after they have conducted face-to-face training sessions for the first time.

Moreover, Lindenberger explains that e-learning has become less expensive, making it easier and more cost effective for businesses to host training sessions while keeping the time used to train at a minimum. She also claims that the most beneficial part of e-learning is that it makes it easier for employees to act professional by keeping an open, clear mind when it comes to talking about sexual harassment. Because there are many different “internal cultures” within any businesses—each with their own way of handling misconducts—Lindenberger claims that e-learning enables businesses to create specialized courses for each individual department.

The most beneficial part of online sexual harassment training, however, is the ability to be organized when it comes to determining who has completed the training. Lindenberger explains that electronic systems used by e-learning programs send automatic confirmation that a training session has been completed—each program is imbued with electronic confirmation/tracking systems. Electronic confirmation, therefore, makes it easier for human resource departments to protect the interests of the company as well as its employees by avoiding costly lawsuits based on whether or not the company has complied with the law.

Most companies realize the benefits of online sexual harassment training after it is too late and an employee or someone has become the victim of inappropriate misconduct.

If your company is interested in online sexual harassment training, Clear Law Institute offers a variety of services including specialized online training that completes the compliances recommended by federal law.

Mike Miranda is a writer and blogger for Clear Law Institute. He specializes in articles on employment law and workplace behavior.

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