Online Games for Kids

Oneline games, when chosen carefully, is one of the best ways to help children with reading, grammar, maths and other skills required at school.

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Educational Games for Kids

One of the best and most animated ways of educating and training children is by making children play plethora of online games. The games help in reinforcing various types of skills in children that help get aware with their surroundings. You may have heard a saying that an empty mind is devil’s workshop. Children should not be left idle during their growing years. Their memory is very sharp and receptive hence playing free online games will help them tremendously.

Playing internet games is very easy and simple. It keeps the child engaged and increases the level of concentration. Teachers and parents must be wondering which are the best sites for children to play free online games. Free online games offer excellent entertainment and expand their knowledge of the children. Fun, frolic, excitement and incessant interaction with friends while playing the games adds value to their learning experience.

You should let your children explore the site This is an excellent site for children to unleash their potential and learn new words. This game catalyzes the growth and development of vocabulary that is essential for children. The game boasts about plentiful topics ranging from history, geography, and science that will help them new words and phrases. The children have the freedom of choosing any topic and begin their learning curve. This is an economical way of exploring and gaining knowledge.

Another website that both girls and boys should visit is Learning synonyms and antonyms of words and phrases will help children be proud of a rich vocabulary. This will surely enhance their communication skills as well. One of the most fascinating aspects of this site is the United Nations is involved in donating 20 grains of rice for a right answer.

Is your child scared of numbers? One of the best ways of being quick and good with numbers is You can let your child learn simple means of calculating and this would result in boosting of confidence. Through the medium of games, children will learn math lessons in an exciting way. It is a welcome change from the boring textbooks. This is very organized site and free online games enable the children to be friendly with numbers.

Children simply love spending time on The games are well designed, and the wide array of free online games is not directly linked to academics. The boys will enjoy playing baseball and football, as it will unleash the streak of adventure in them. This is a great site as it helps in reinforcing a number of skills in children that help in the growth and development.

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The review "Online Games for Kids" was last updated on 15/03/2010.

  • My 4yr old loves funbrain as they have lots of great games. Look for the game shape invasion in the Flash Arcade section. Try it, it’s fun!

  • My 4 year old has just started playing on the computer and it is amazing how fast they can learn skills. He loves or any website that has dinosaurs. We just do a google image search for dinosaurs and he’ll sit there clicking on the pictures.

  • Thank you for the sharing this list. I am positive my 3 yr old will enjoy They have lots of games in their website and they’re visually/mentally stimulating. Great stuff!

  • We bought our girls The Computer Cool School by Fisher Price. It has really helper my 5 year old get some early computer skills, along with learning spelling and math. It comes with a keyboard and a mouse of sorts. This also protects your computer from being accessed by them without the password.