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Having a solid online presence is essential to business growth. This services offers ongoing support and virtual management packages to meet business objectives.

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Top Tips for Business Growth Online

Running a business is a multifaceted job, and having an online presence is becoming a vital aspect of the job, especially with technology being such a big part of modern day to day living. Having a solid online presence is essential to business growth in today’s marketplace and once you’ve got the hang of growing your business online, you will be able to come up with a plan, tailored to your needs, that will see you through the next 12 months with ease.

With this in mind, we offer you a bite sized crib sheet to follow, to ensure you are doing your part to provide your company with a competitive edge when it comes to the Internet and online marketing techniques.

Social Media

Social media is outrageously popular these days, with record breaking numbers of daily users year on year. There are many social media platforms around, including sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that can provide a business enormous exposure at little to no cost. Having an active and updated social profile keeps a company relevant and in the public eye, providing a platform for businesses to make announcements and updates, showcase new products, receive customer feedback and monitor user interactions and activity insights. Social media is a quick and easy tool for a company to use that requires little training and investment, yet reaps many benefits.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Driving traffic to your business domain is essential for exposure, marketing and sales. This can be done by offering a well developed website with high quality content. Consider including an entertaining, informative blog that focuses on relative topics to your company, which can include handy product reviews and demonstrations, interesting videos and other relevant content to entice browsers and attract them to your domain.

Provide a Call to Action

A call to action on your website or social media profile encourages further interaction with potential customers, even encouraging a purchase. A call to action might be provided as an enquiry form, which is an effective way to collect and build leads and to develop a customer base, letting you know who your target market is for future promotions and product information. Having a call to action on your website is a proactive approach to narrowing your ideal market and provides an easy one click option for contacting the company directly. This can have a marked effect on business growth.

Email Marketing

Using an online service like Mailchimp or something similar can be a great asset to your business, especially for small and medium sized companies. These services offer automated tools used for generating welcome letters, shipping notifications, follow up emails, automatic newsletters and any other types of correspondence beneficial in doing business. Using email-marketing techniques heightens a company’s online presence, and strengthens the brand. It also helps in getting customers engaged and interacting with your business.

Appeal to the Masses

Although it is important for a company to identify and promote to their target market, it is equally important to make sure your advertising and marketing campaigns appeal to the masses. Creativity is a must to keep the viewer’s attention and interest, but careful consideration should be taken to assure that the ads will generally appeal to people of all demographics and are wholesome and non-offensive in nature. This is imperative because you never know when someone in a specific demographic may develop a need for what your business is offering. You want your ads to have left a strong impression and for the potential customer to already feel they have developed somewhat of a relationship with your brand making your products the obvious choice. Be careful to avoid type setting or pigeonholing your brands image, as it will limit your customer base.

Following these tips will help you grow your business online. Keep any content fresh, relevant and engaging and you’re sure to see some real business growth.


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