Oasisactive.com.au – Social Dating

Oasis Active (www.oasisactive.com) is a free social dating service with automated matching and messenger communication.

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Oasisactive.com.au – Free Social Dating

Oasis Active is a free online dating service website. A person who is 18 years of age or older can register as a member and join the Oasis Active community. As a member, people can post messages, photos and videos to other members.

Browsing through the profiles on Oasis Active you’ll find photos of other users and their details, such as their interests, best qualities and self-description. The sign up process takes a couple of minutes – just enter your gender, DOB, and who you are looking for – a friend, partner, or just an intimate encounter. The site is 100% FREE for everyone to participate and make friends or start a relationship without the need of using the Credit Card. You are invited to become a member in order to enjoy interacting with different interesting personalities. So, go ahead, join and experience a healthy relationship with other members.

While being very popular, it is difficult to say how this dating service is different from other websites. However, the popularity in Australia must be an indication that the service is good and easy to use. If you’ve used the service, please send us a review of your experience.

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The review "Oasisactive.com.au – Social Dating" was last updated on 22/04/2015.

  • Rosemary

    Hi there everyone, it’s my first pay a visit at this website, and piece of writing is actually fruitful in favor of me, keep up posting such content.

  • Gerry

    I would be grateful if someone fromanywhere can tell me why i am unable to login i cant even get the webpage up i havent done anything wrong to be barred i have a number of friends on it and we cant even have a talk

  • G Steve Torres

    Been on Oasis for so long…..very doveted however it needs to work on a few things like say with contacting messages….really? “your hot or i only want to be friends with you” seems amusing but needs updating.
    Also force everyone to put down properly what suburb they live in….so many people live in (melbourne) its too broad and leads to in my case spammers from overseas because its easier to pick.

    Hate to say it but also fix the racism….most of the young ladies blatently wright “no indians and closest too or white only / if your non aussie meaning non caucasian.” again specifically mandate everyone to pick their preferences or tell them to erase that ignorant crap or tell them to go a white only date site.

    Rejections…Im probably the most rejected lol however the rejction messages are too broad needs to be specific like “fix your photo” ” not within my race choice / religion.”
    (not my type) is too broad especially the ladies harping on looks also men….how the hell us average folk gonna figure out whats good looking cause everyones taste are different…..we need educating tips like clothing / better photos or make-up & hair / re-wright profiles….it’ll help.

    Help the most rejected with “seal of approval”….put them at top of the list.
    And people who add and don’t talk “annoying”……i can’t see the final messages when they take you off the list….fix that.

    Phew….I think those are the major issues….and yes i know its a free website…..however i’ve been on many paid websites blew more then $700 on them and they also have the same problems what i mentioned above.
    I believe there should be a feature on a datesite where the ones rejecting….especially the ladies are sooo picky (sorry in advance but on the guys behalf) need mandates in to why specifically they reject the guys but not directly to us but into a box until accumulated until when rejected enough to send us a message with your proofreaders re-written with tips…..i think thats well worth paying for!

  • if your a woman. it so easy to get removed from the site. simply do not accept request and men will complain and you will be reported and your profile deleted by site administrators.

    this site should allow women to pick whom they want to speak to and not be forced to chat to people so that they dont complain report you and their admin team not doing their job. simply delete you because someone complained.

    all because u didnt accept a request.

  • henry

    This site has a lot of weirdos, you can sometimes come across a chic who will thrown her number straight away at you, but then do you want to date that person, it could possibly be a fake or a psycho who does not know what they are doing!
    Another thing, i have to agree with above paragraph from dave, yes it is quite impossible to reach out to people from your post code or withing the vicinity. If you feel that your area or a suburb lacks community connectedness then it is most likely replicated online too.
    An average working guy has no chance to contact women from his area on this OASIS site. An unemployed guy has no chance for nothing at all.
    This society is a welfare maximising society based on liberal ideology of the free market capitalistic values driven by the underlying element of narcissism. Everybody is selfish , women are selfish they are after something an average man can not deliver. So trying to get anywhere on virtual reality especially with 90% of introverts and mentally ill members of OASIS its a difficult thing.
    all the best to ya all
    get away from this site and go real dating!

  • dave

    this site has never worked, not only that you can never get in touch with people who happen to live in your suburb whom you can find in your data directory but you can never get in touch with anybody. Put simply this site is nothing but a farce and I’ve never met a girl on it and went on a date. It only works for some people, generally those who can actually deliver what they say on the site, but then who decides really? it is the women, not men. So if you’re an average guy you will never have a chance, you’ll only receive requests from rubbish and or receive no requests at all. This site only creates hatred and depression, disappointment in people as they will start to think that women in fact do reject as they generally do. To reiterate the point once again, this site does not work and it will never work. The matches on your home page are not really the matches, have they ever sent you a request? when was the last request you received from someone from your city or an area? has any chick so far asked you for a date? and or a date where she would see you yet after you’re done go and date some other dude hence double dipping? seriously people wake up get away from that miserable piece of crap site that NEVER WORKS!

  • Ralphy

    I had been member of the website for quite sometime and found many women who seemed so compatible. I have got NONE positive response. Even more funny was the reason: “Sorry, but you are not my type”!!! WTF! Thats the sole reason why I contacted you in the first place and anyone can see that we are compatible. Why don’t you say that I don’t look nice!

  • Ron Jones

    I have been getting on to chat to folks easily till 3days ago. Nothing has changed but i can now no longer access this site. Its really frustrating as i have posted a similar q to “contact us” and got a computer geek answer that i couldnt follow.

  • Brian Carter

    I have a concern with Oasis Active. My profile is under review . I know there would be nothing on my part to encourage inactivation. why a profile can be inactivated. If some one wishes to get cheep alaugh. And this automatically would lead your profile being under review and inactivated,Thus, the Oasis Active does not in fact do their job. They do not check actual commuinication after a memebr has been reported by someone. Because if they did, they would not incativate my profile. I dont know how to respond to Oasis as there is no email or contact information as to have this matter resolved.Can some one give me there contact details thank you Brian

  • James Roy Fowler

    Answer to Martha Swinkels.
    Yes. I had the same problem as you with that one! I think they were upgrading the website at the time and as you, I had a devil of a time trying how to get in contact with someone who could give me an answer, I never did and registered again with a different profile and password. Yes I think they should register an email address also. Most of these companies are so difficult to contact and if you ever go to the complaints to Skype.You will find mor than 12.000 complaints about the conactabilty of the company. J R Fowler

  • James Roy Fowler

    I was asked several times to change from Google to Google Chrome, so I did, now to my regret and it has deleted all my remembered passwords. As my original email address was compromised and I cannot get any email from that anymore I cannot access my login password or get it sent to my new email address. I have not found as yet anyway of contacting Oasis Active to inform them of my problem. James R Fowler

  • Svetlana

    I have a concern with Oasis Active. My profile was twice under review and the first profiloe was inactivated. I know there would be nothing on my part to encourage inactivation. When i contacted Oasis Active team, they replied a few days later listing the reasons why a profile can be inactivated. It included complaints from the memebrs. When i pushed ‘report member’ button, to check what it offers there were listed few reasons why someone is reporting. No of such reasons could apply to me. I noticed, however, that it is just so easdy to report a member and choose whatever reason, simply if the memeber does not want talk to you any more or refuses to go out with you. And this automatically would lead your profile being under review and inactivated, even if the reason mentioned is not true. Thus, the Oasis Active does not in fact do their job. They do not check actual commuinication after a memebr has been reported by someone. Because if they did, they would not incativate my profile. I have created another profile immediately and once i refused to talk with one rude guy from NSW, my profile got under review again. I actually believe that Oasis is a fraudulent site as they do not do what they suppose to do for their memebrs – to check the complaints. they also did not respond to my second email.

  • maria duarte

    How can I answer to someone who has sent me his profile? Don´t lie to people please. I can´t answer, How can I do?

  • Roy Drage

    This site is uesless….
    pages wont load and cant be refreshed….
    why cant this site work and load pages like RSVP etc….

  • Martha Swinkels

    Should have added: they should list their email address so complaints can be handled directly

  • Martha Swinkels

    My site was working fine until they froze it to start a review and I don’t know why. I have done nothing out of the ordinary but all of a sudden I can only contact people I have already contacted and nobody new. They are, however, still sending me profiles to look at. Has this happened to someone else?

  • john s stanshall

    i cant login keepa asking for adobe update try to update wont let me.

    this is very frustrating as i have msssages and cant get into the site.

  • phil scattergood

    i”m a member & when i log-on i cant open anything

  • panny

    hi , i m member but when i log in i cant open my account .

    pls help me .

    user name: panny
    password: xxxx

  • Debra Norris

    Can’t for some reason log into finding males on the gold coast. Instead I get Australia only and get inundated with people from all over Aust. which just wastes my time. thankyou