Normal Sleep in Babies

Infant sleep problems can affect mothers' health. A study found a strong association between sleep problems in infants and symptoms of depression in mothers.

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Raising Children - Sleep Patterns in

Normal Sleep Development

For a new parent the question around ‘normal’ sleep for your baby is an important one. Especially given how exhausted a parent often feels due to night feeds and interrupted sleep. Infant sleep problems can affect mothers’ health. An Australian study found a strong association between sleep problems in infants and symptoms of depression in mothers. This relationship did not hold true when mothers of infants with sleep problems were getting adequate sleep –

Normal Sleep Pattern For Your Baby

During the first year of your baby’s life it is quite understandable to wonder what a normal child sleep pattern is for your baby. Newborns are born without their day and night rhythm established and questions regarding normal sleep, the amount of sleep your baby needs and strategies or techniques to help your baby sleep often dominates a new parents thoughts. Newborns often require 16 hours out of 24 hours sleep however the pattern of sleep changes over the first 12 months of life.

What is normal sleep for your newborn and throughout the first year of your baby’s life?

Parents often ask

  • How much should my baby sleep?
  • What is a normal sleep cycle for my baby?
  • How much my baby should be sleeping during the day and night?
  • When will my baby sleep through the night?
  • What are the secrets of a good sleeper

An excellent resource for new parents is This website discusses normal sleep patterns, establishing a bedtime routine, sleep tips, managing night waking and discusses approaches such as controlled comforting, patting settling technique, and using sleep prompts, such as a dummy / pacifier, rocking to sleep and feeding off to sleep.

In addition ‘raising children’ discusses strategies to solving sleep problems. The site also includes video film clips about baby sleep, wrapping, SIDS precautions, typical feed / sleep schedules and other useful resources.

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