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Need help with the computer? No worries, just go to, enter your postcode and town and find a local nerd who can help!

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Do you know where to turn when you have computer problems? Do you know who to go to for help with starting up a website? A lot of people do not, which is why Gilad Bakas decided to start up NearbyNerds. Gilad Bakas is a confessed nerd that knows how to help people. He realized that computer users that do not have the knowledge is desperate to find some help. NearbyNerds website has over 700 nerds (or computer helpers) ready to help from around different areas of the country. A person that needs help can go to the site and enter their location and find the nearest “nerds”. NearbyNerds presently helps in troubleshooting, website, tutoring, programming, graphic design, hardware and software installation, and social networking.

The website is now free for people or businesses to sign up to become a nerd. There may eventually be a subscription fee if the site goes well for the tech nerds that will be gaining money from the site. The site looks to be doing well and on the uphill so if you are a nerd signing up now is the wisest plan. Nerds are hired in a price range from $5 up to $80 depending on the nerd’s expertise. A lot of the nerds are in college and have enough knowledge that it is a great way to make a bit of extra money for them. There are some professionals as well.

Gilad Bakas presently runs this site from his home and is advertising to try to get the word out of his new site. I do not think it will be long until the whole country is aware of the website. This site is truly a genius idea. Once the word is out and the majority of people know about this site bringing the technically gifted to your doorstep will be such an easy task. It is simple now for the few that are aware of the site. After a nearby nerd helps you with your computer issues, you can give a rating on how well they did so other users needing technical help can see the ratings of the “nerds” near them.

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The review " – Computer Repairs Near You" was last updated on 19/11/2009.

  • The Tech has to pay the site owner some money every time they get a job even if the customer does not pay. The problem with the site is that it is full of people that are not techs. It is best to call a company that has experience in computer repairs. The site is full of “Back yard boys”

  • c’mon guys, if you are out in the field all day every day you will know people are not looking for nerds and geeks, they want plain speaking trained PC techs but nerdy little noobs.

  • Best computer repair company in Perth? I’d say we are but i’m biased. 🙂 No subcontractors, fully insured and NO NERDS are a couple of bonus points I can think of off the top of my head.

    I think the above concept is not too bad but at the end of the day anyone who is charging $5 per hour is not getting anywhere near my car, computer, house or health. Yeeeehaaaa.

  • Brian Jackson

    What is the best computer repair company in Perth? Can someone recommend something please.