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The Western Australian Museum has six different gift shops - each with it's own unique product range covering a large selection of books and gift ideas.

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WA Museum Shop

The WA museum shop is one that has more than one shop, there are six shops that are situated in the museum, a great place for a perfect gift to look for. There is a wide range of items to choose from.

The Perth shop that is situated in the museum operates from 10:00am to 16:45 and this does not include Wednesday, the shop is closed on public holidays. The range of gifts that can be found at this shop ranges from books, crafts, and then you could even get some of the museum artefacts on sale here. This shop has one of the largest collections of the Aboriginal titles.

The other shop in the range is the Maritime shop, this shop has gifts that are from the shipwrecks, and you could get anything from DVD material to the site makes allowance for updates on a regular basis. Look and should you be into the maritime scene, this might be for you. At the same time, you could also make purchases on line from this amazing store, building trust is easy here, as you should know that purchasing online is safe and secure.

The Fremantle museum history store is one that you could find many books at, this store caters books from the range of local going through to the books of special interest. There are toys that you could find at this shop for kids and this is catered for all ages. There is a wide range of postcards that you could purchase at this store as well.

One of the other shops that are to found here is the Albany Shop, this is where you will find a wide selection of books, and this ranges from books on natural science to history books. There is a wide selection of books that you could choose from and you could also browse it on line and make sure that you find what you are looking for, should they not. You could always order in something and this will get ordered for you.

The other shops that are found on this site are those that you would not be disappointed in visiting. There is always something for every occasion on this market and things could not be better. It would seem like an early Christmas. One of the other shops that you could find here, is the Geraldton, this little shop sells everything from fossils and other interesting gift ideas.


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