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This microscope review is all about an amazing scope called Duoscope Model MFL-06. This is a great beginnner's model.

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Product review of Duoscope Model MFL-06

Microscopes are the very first science tools that kids are introduced to. These tools are used to look at solid objects as well as thin slices of objects. The microscope is one of the most important tools that a student can learn how to use in science class. Parents can help their students to do well in science by purchasing a microscope for the student to work with at home. One of the best buys available is the Duoscope Model MFL-06. This microscope is actually two microscopes in one, a dissecting microscope and a basic biological microscope.

Duoscope Model MFL-06 – Description

Microscope-MFL-06The Duoscope Model MFL-6 is 5.1 inches by 6.1 inches by 12.2 inches and it weighs in at about 3.1 pounds in total. It has a 10X eyepiece and three objective lenses with lens strengths of 4X, 10X and 40X. This means that the magnification strengths that are possible are 40X, 100X and 400X. Each of the lenses is made from optical quality glass. Focusing is facilitated by dual focusing knobs.

This particular model of microscope comes in a colorful box and also comes with a vinyl cover to protect the microscope when it is not in use. The MFL-06 also comes with over 50 different accessories which include a well slide, bottles of stain, prepared slides, blank slide, forcepts, a plastic Petri dish, a plastic test tube and a scalpel. The only thing you will need to provide are three AAA batteries.

Pros of the Duoscope Model MFL-06

Overall this particular student microscope has received good consumer ratings. It is said to be sturdy, solidly designed and constructed and made from quality materials. Parents also seem to appreciate the fine touch that the focusing wheel offers. This makes focusing easier to do, particularly with a gross focusing knob.

The price has also been reported as a definitely pro as the price seems low for the quality of microscope that you get and the number of accessories that you get. This price advantage is further enhanced by the fact that you are getting two microscopes in one. Since their are two different light sources, one that points downward and one that points upward, students can use the same microscope to study solid objects and transparent objects.

Cons of Duoscope Model MFL-06

While there have been many fine points made about this particular microscope there have also been a few cons listed. The first problem is that you cannot use both light sources at the same time. This limits the usability of the microscope for semi-transparent slides.

Another problem that was mentioned is that it runs only on batteries. This model does not come with a power cord. This means you will need to keep a supply of AAA batteries on hand.

The third problem is that the microscope does not have a fine tuning focusing knob. However, many parents say that this really is not a problem as the gross focusing knob offers a smooth enough control to focus the scope on fine details.

The last problem that was reported by parents and other consumers about this microscope is that it does not have a swivel base. This means that the entire microscope has to move, or students have to move if they want to share the microscope with each other.

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The review " – Microscope MFL-06" was last updated on 26/12/2009.

  • pThomas

    Nice review. My son has a microscope and realy enjoys it. I think next we will go with one of the USB microscopes to allow for easy image capture like the ColeParmer Microscope-

    Does anyone have any advice or reviews for this USB Microscope or used it in the past?