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Think back to the last time you remodeled or redecorated your house. Where did you start? What kind of projects did you choose, and how far did you make it? Often the answer is the bedroom or the kitchen. There are plenty of options for these areas of the house, and the market is ripe with furniture in all styles and colors from the perfect bed to the best kitchen counters.

But did you stop to think of the bathroom? The bathroom is often the single most neglected room in a home. All your remodeling time and money is thrown at the rest of the house, and the bathroom is lucky to see a new coat of paint, let alone an entire re-do of its worn out cabinets. In theory, the bathroom might seem small and insignificant. But in reality it’s a very important part of your home. When you have visitors, they’re guaranteed to go to the bathroom at least once. You spend hours a day in the bathroom showering, fixing your hair and make-up, and giving the kids or the pets a bath.

This room is really one of the central features of your house. You can’t live without it, and your guests are guaranteed to catch a glimpse inside, even if they never go near that master bedroom you spend months painting. Take some time to give your bathroom a little tender love and care. Giving it a makeover is a simple process that can cost as much or as little as you’d like. So grab a notebook for recording your favorite ideas and let’s get started.

Bathroom Theme & Style

Before you run out and buy new wallpaper or accessories, take moment to look at your bathroom. What’s working for you? What isn’t? Is it too dark to see in the mirror when you’re applying make-up? Do you need more storage space for all the knick-knacks that make their home all over the counters? Decide what functions you’d like the bathroom to serve, and what problems need to be fixed.

Then tackle what style or color scheme you want. Bathrooms can be a peaceful plan for relaxation, so a light color is a perfect choice. Bright colors can be added in later for a little zing that will wake you up in the morning. If you want a theme to your bathroom, what theme makes you happy? Do you want a seaside cottage, a romantic retreat or an upbeat bathroom? When you know what you’d like, jot down a few ideas and get ready to go shopping.

Wallpaper & Tile

Start your remodeling project with the walls. Wallpaper and tile are easy to use in the bathroom. Tile holds up especially well against steam and water, which you’re sure to have a lot of. Consider tile for part of the room, mainly the area with the tub or shower. You can continue the tile throughout the rest of the room, or create a border around the walls by adding tile only to the bottom half and using wallpaper for the top.

Whites, light blues and greens are nice bathroom colors. They match well with other furniture, and can create an airy seascape right in your own home. Reds and pinks are delightful for a romantic get-away, and using two or three colors of tile can add interest to your child’s bathroom.

Choose darker colors for tile near the bottom, and choose light colored wallpaper for the top. Light colors help open up a room. If you choose to use only wallpaper, use a light solid color, or a light color with simple patterns to help make a small bathroom appear larger.

If you’re looking for a quick way to brighten up a bathroom, consider hanging pictures on the walls or purchasing vinyl stickers for children to decorative with. They can be taken down and put back up without causing any damage.

Bathroom Cabinets

Adjust your cabinets to match your theme. White cabinets will match any color, and keep the bathroom feeling open. Cabinet door knobs can be purchased in shapes, such as seashells, to match the style of your bathroom. Silver knobs work just as well, and stainless steel is an excellent choice for the bathroom. It matches any décor, and is easy to maintain.

If you’re installing new cabinets, consider which areas of the bathroom you use for what. Chances are you put your make-up on over the sink. Make sure your counters are wide enough to hold all your supplies, and that the cabinets aren’t located in an awkward or hard to reach part of the room. Take out cabinets you don’t need. This will free up more space to move. A vanity unit is a perfect choice that adds storage and a well-lit mirror to your space, for styling and primping before work.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is extremely important in the bathroom. Good lighting will encourage you to use the room to its full potential. Bad lighting will encourage you to go elsewhere, making your bathroom useless. A vanity mirror has lights installed around it for illuminating your face. If you have the money, consider adding a window. Use white, sheer curtains to create privacy while still letting the sunshine in.

Consider installing lights in the ceiling above the shower or bath, as well as over the toilet. A set of lights beside or above the sink will make getting dressed and brushing your teeth a breeze. Finally, don’t forget to put in at least one main light in the center of the room. Then you can see everywhere you go.

Bathroom Accessories

Match your accessories and storage to your theme as well. Light colors are still the best, just as they were for wallpaper and cabinets. Get creative and use items you already own. For example, a small wooden ladder can be painted and propped against a wall to hold large towels or clothes that are drying.  This will save you money which you can keep or choose to spend on more expensive bathroom items.

Small decorations like fake flowers, fake fruit or jars of seashells can be bought for next to nothing at a grocery or dollar store. Buy a decorative vase or bowl to display them in for everyone to see.

Rummage through garage and yard sales for good bargains. Old mirrors can be polished and painted to hang on the walls. Don’t restrict your use of mirrors to just the medicine cabinet. Mirrors open up a room. Hang them on the walls and the back of the door. Install hooks into the frames to hang jewelry and small objects from. This is a perfect place to hang an air freshener.

Buy plastic drawer dividers and decorative containers that have plenty of room inside. Even small jars can hold loose items, from hair bows to Q-tips. These are cheap and will give you a place to house your items so they don’t clutter your new counters. When you’re short on space, always remember that up is the way to go. You don’t have to install fancy cabinets on the walls to hold your items. Consider hanging baskets, placing a tray on the back of the toilet for candles, or stacking plastic crates on their sides for a makeshift shelf. Put a clock by the mirror so you’ll never lose track of time as you get ready for work in the morning.

Finally, don’t forget to give each person their own space. Kids need plastic, water-proof bins for storing their bath toys. Teenagers will want plenty of lighting and mirrors if they don’t have their own bathroom to get ready for school in. Toothbrush and soap holders should also be considered, and can be placed on the sink or hung on the wall.

When you step into your new bathroom, you’ll be amazed at the transformation. What once seemed like a small, useless space has now become a haven for soaking in the tub amid a soothing atmosphere that reflects your style and tastes. Not to mention your guests will be more than impressed.

You may also like to add a back scrubber to your shower renovations plan.

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  • You have some excellent ideas for bathrooms. That has been one of the recurring themes in my own life–looking for a way to make our bathrooms and our kitchen look really glorious, even though those rooms are much too small. One of the glories of the Internet, though, is that there is absolutely no dearth of ideas. Right now I have no idea of what I will ultimately do, but I keep hoping I will come up with something really slick.