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The Intelligent Investor is a great stock website to visit. The website allows consumers to share stock market information and research with each other. The website is located at

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The Intelligent Investor

Buying the right stocks can be very hard for many people. It can be hard for people to invest in the stock market if they do not have confidence in the stocks that they will be purchasing. This website allows people to share the information that they have found on stocks.

When consumers register to become a member of Intelligent Investor they are given four free weeks of access to the website. Members get access to thousand of research reports on stocks. They also are provided with model stock portfolios to aid them in setting up their own.

The price for a three month trial to join the website is ninety nine dollars. The three month trial includes the following: clear recommendations on ASX shares for three months, investment support, investment advice, pod casts, efficient and quick stock market reporting, stock ideas, access to forums for questions and answers, stock recommendations, and investment workshops.

The three week trial is very reasonably priced. There is also an added incentive of getting ninety nine dollars taken off of the account balance. This can happen if members renew their subscription to a full subscription before the trial is over. This is very beneficial to consumers who want to join and save money at the same time.

The website looks very professional and has many research articles and other resources on it that are easy to access. One of the great features is the ask the experts feature. This feature allows members to ask experts about investing and get their advice. The experts do answer the questions very quickly

The only negative aspect of the website is that it does not provided reports on more than ten of Australia’s businesses. Some consumers will want to read reports on other businesses that are not listed.

All in all, the website has a lot of useful knowledge and features for its members. The price is reasonable and the membership benefits are worth the price that is being asked. The Intelligent Investor is a great web site for consumers who are just curious how to invest in share market or are investors themselves.

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  • Karls

    Newsletters and investment advice always comes with the disclaimer that the responsibility is ultimately with you.
    Also check out incredible charts…

  • Bob Down

    I guess, it’s all about finding out what criteria the guru investors use when buying stock. Is this information available with the Intelligent Investor?