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Visit IKEA catalogue online (www.ikea.com.au) for an A-Z categorization of the products that are offered by IKEA.

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IKEA Catalogue Online

IKEA is a Swedish private company that was established nearly six decades back and offers a wide variety of well designed home furnishings and products at affordable prices. With a goal of providing a better lifestyle to a majority of people by providing them with designer and functional household items at the lowest possible price, IKEA has made its presence felt worldwide with a total of 285 stores in 36 countries.

ikea catalogue onlineThe website www. ikea.com.au is designed in a very simple but user friendly manner and provides information about the various aspects of IKEA and its goals. The website also provides an A-Z categorization and full online catalogue of products that are offered by IKEA. The online catalogue is available at  http://onlinecatalogueasia.ikea.com/AU/en/IKEA_Catalogue/

Furthermore, users can also find information about a nearby IEKA store on the website. In addition, there is the customer service option which provides any additional information that a customer might be looking for, including some frequently asked questions, contact information as well as the services provided.

Catalogue can also be accessed through a smart phone and tablet all year long, and it come with inspiring films and interactive features for a better life at home.

IKEA Sustainability & Safety

In addition to all this, the IKEA website also contains information about how the organization fills its responsibilities towards various issues like recycling, forestry, climate change, child labor etc. The website also lists the measures taken by the organization to ensure the fulfillment of various safety standards especially in the products like toys meant for kids. It also informs the users about how the safety standards are tested before the products are made available in the market.

The other features of the website ikea.com.au include listing of job vacancies, the comparison of product growth as well as annual turnovers as well as the history of IKEA as it progressed through each decade.

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The review "IKEA.com.au – IKEA Catalogue Online" was last updated on 17/04/2015.

  • Bob

    Ikea rocks! Especially their meat balls!

  • mary hollan

    to whom it may concern
    i dont know to get a catalouge with your products and price list
    i have not recieved one for a long time.
    thank you so much i will wait for it to be delivered
    if you send me an email i will send you my address

  • Article is giving really productive information to everyone. Well done.

  • John D

    Ikea catalogue is a useful resource when planning your trip to the shop.

  • DD

    ikea stuff is good, as long as you don’t have to move it around. The more you move it, the more wably it becomes. But a few extra screws usually do the trick. And having a catalogue online is a cool thing. At least it saves you time when you in store.

  • Andrea

    My house is like an Ikea showroom. Having access to the Ikea catalogue online, will only make the situation even worse! But, as you may have guessed, I love Ikea stuff.

  • karineshunpeng

    Like ikea and it is simple and useful