How to redeem flybuys points for cash?

Turning your flybuys rewards points into cash can easily be done online. There is no cash vouchers to redeem of forms to fill in. The cash is loaded into your flubuys card, which can then be used in participating stores just like a credit card.

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Redeem flybuys points online

There seem to be some confusion as how to redeem you flubuys points, how to get the cash vouchers or exchange the point for cash. I have recently went through the entire process — it’s much easier and quicker than I thought. Here are few pointers that may help you too.

Just recently I received an email saying that I accumulated over 10,000 flybuys points, which could be exchanged for a $50 cash voucher. The email had a link to the website, but no instructions on how to perform the transaction. Here is what I did to redeem the cash.

How to redeem flybuys points for cash?

1. Login to your account: You’ll need your membership number, email and password.

2. If you don’t have a password, you can request one to be sent to you by email:

3. If your registered your flybuys account without supplying your email address, you can add it here: and then go back to the previous link to request a password.

4. Once you logged in, you’ll see your name at the top right corner and the number of accumulated points.


5. Click on the “Money off shop” link and then select “flybuys Dollars (from $10)”


6. You’ll see a screen similar to this, with a red “Get it now” button. Don’t worry if you need to redeem more than 2,000 points. Just click the button and on the next screen you’ll be able to select how many points you wish to redeem, in 2,000 point increments. I exchanged 10,000 points for $50.


7. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction until you’ll see the following confirmation screen:


8. That’s it. You should receive an email confirming the transaction and the cash will be loaded into your flybuys card pretty much immediately and you can use it pretty much in any show which accepts flybuys. I used my to pay for petrol at a local Shell Coles Express garage.


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The review "How to redeem flybuys points for cash?" was last updated on 25/08/2017.

  • Kate Winn- Clare

    my account isn’t letting me into the ‘get it now’ page?? i can’t tell how much $ i actually have? any help would be grateful thank you

  • Karen Lynette Hobden

    how do I redeem flybuy dollars into my card,i cant access my emails.

  • Frequent Flyer

    FluBuys points can now be exchanged for Ehitad status miles.

    The earn rate is one Etihad Guest Tier Mile for every dollar spent at
    FlyBuys outlets, up to a maximum of 2,500 Tier Miles per month.

    Given that Etihad Guest Silver requires 25,000 Tier Miles across a
    12-month period, you could gain Silver status in ten months at the
    maximum spend of $2,500 per month!

    More info: