How to Properly Use a Spill Berm

Spill berms act as mini fences that contain whatever liquid spillages are within its perimeter. Most of these are made of high grade polyethylene that are durable and chemical resistant.

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Spill Berms

How to Properly Use a Spill Berm

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Spill berms are implements that are widely used in manufacturing facilities as well as in military installations. These are basically a need if there is any possibility of any vehicle, machinery, or stocks in your premises leaking oil or any other liquid substances. Spill berms quite simply act as mini fences that contain whatever liquid spillages are within its perimeter. Most of these are made of high grade polyethylene that are durable and chemical resistant. Using a spill berm is an effective and economical way to contain liquid spills from drums and tanks in your storage, or to catch any liquid spills from leaking vehicle tanks.

There are several types: small and portable, assembly required, and the no assembly. The type of spill berm that you would need would depend on the kind of leak you have or you are expecting. For small drums, a small and portable berm that is good for containing a couple of drums or small containers is the right choice. Simply install the spill berms around the areas where you want to contain spills and leaks. The area inside the spill berms remains 100 usable making the spill berm not only economical but space efficient as well. There are also small and portable spill berms that can be purchased and stored for use in emergency purposes. In the case of a moving vehicle that springs a leak, for example, all the operator has to do is to pull out the spill berm to be used as a catch basin.spill containment berm

The assembly required is often used in containing leaks from most types of equipment, vehicles, or stocks. The assembly required spill berms can be assembled quick and easy with its one piece design. The aluminum external L brackets support the walls of the spill containment berms to keep liquid spills and leaks from flowing out of the berm. These berms are also chemical resistant and are rip, tear, and puncture free. No assembly spill berms, on the other hand, are also made of the same heavy duty material that is water and chemical resistant. It is easy to use as there is not much effort in these one piece berms. The no assembly spill berms are simply laid out and then the equipment, vehicle, or stocks can already placed on the berm. The sides of the no assembly spill berm automatically rises as the spill berm is filled with water.

The type and design used in any facility should comply with regulatory standards and the provisions of the EPA. Optional accessories to the spill berms include ground and track mats to protect the berm from the wheels and threads of the equipment or vehicle placed on it. The spill berm may also be used with other spill containment implements such as drain protector drain covers and spill pallets. The proper use of spill berms along with other spill containment and cleanup implements is part of responsible business operations management that should be practiced by all businesses that involve liquids and chemicals that could potentially be harmful to our waters.

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