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The number of people traveling to China for business, vacations and education is increasing. This article provides some generic information on how to obtain entry visa to China.

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Visas to Visit China: Frequently Asked Questions

The number of Americans traveling to China for business, vacations and education is increasing. People are more interested in China since the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics, though there are other reasons too behind this increased interest. This means that there are frequently asked questions concerning visas to China, and some of these are outlined below.

How Do You Apply for a Visa for China?

This is the most frequently asked question on this particular topic. First, obtain an application form from any post office, or over the internet, or from a passport servicing center. After filling in the form you then submit it, together with supporting paperwork, to a Chinese consulate, in person or by mail. They cannot be electronically submitted.

What Supporting Documentation Do You Need for a Visa to China?

A number of things must accompany your Chinese visa application. First, you must have a valid US passport, which should be at least 6 months away from expiry and have at least two blank visa pages; proof of your travel plans, such as airline ticket or itinerary copies (NB travel should be planned for within the next three months); and confirmation of accommodation reservations in China. Your visa may be refused if you do not have all of these items included with your application.

Who Has to Complete an Application for a Visa to China?

If you are a US citizen or resident, and you want to travel to China, then you need to apply for a visa. This is the case whether your reason for travel is education, pleasure or business. If you do not have an approved Chinese visa, then you will not be allowed entry into China.

How Much Ahead of the Travel Date should I Apply for a Visa to China?

You may not apply for your Chinese visa more than three months in advance of your trip. However if your application is too close to your planned departure date, then you may not have allowed sufficient time for the application to be processed through each of the necessary departments, and your visa may not be granted in time. Therefore three months before departure is the best time to apply. If you have to make a trip unexpectedly, you can apply for expedited processing, though the fees will be higher.

How Long is a Chinese Visa Valid for?

Most Chinese visas are valid for sixty days from the date you enter the country. Visas for educational or business purposes are valid for longer periods than this, however. If you have a tourist visa, you can apply for an extension for 90 days, if you show reason for needing this extension, and it may be granted at the Chinese consul’s discretion. Each extension application is handled on its individual merits.

There are many questions which are asked about applying for a visa to China, of which these are only some. Hopefully this information answers some of your questions, at least, and will make it easier for you to plan your visit to China.

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