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Hotmail ( is one of the world's largest providers of free web-based e-mail. Find out how to login or use POP3 to download and read your email wherever you are.

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Hotmail is the first and the most well known webmail program launched in the mid ’90s. It still evolves and adds new features like Hotmail POP3 access, an integrated audio player for voicemail and a rich Ajax-based web interface.

The original service was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, and was one of the first webmail services on the Internet. It was commercially launched on July 4, 1996, American Independence Day, symbolizing “freedom” from ISP-based e-mail and the ability to access a user’s inbox from anywhere in the world. The name was chosen out of many possibilities ending in “-mail” as it included the letters HTML – the coding used behind all web pages. Originally, Hotmail was written down as “HoTMaiL” – the capital latters making the word HTML. By December 1997 (1,5 years after launch), it reported more than 8.5 million subscribers. Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 for an estimated $400 million, and rebranded as “MSN Hotmail” and then as “Windows Live Hotmail” in 2005 and released worldwide in 2007 (Source: Wikipedia Hotmail).

Hotmail Login & POP3 Details

The current day system boasts a very powerful anti-spam protection engine and a generous 5GB space allocation for email storage. Earlier this year Microsoft announced that they enabled SMTP and POP3, which meant that users can now download emails directly to their home computers or even mobile phones.

Here are the details for Hotmail POP3 and SMTP

  • POP3: (Port 995)
  • POP SSL required? Yes
  • User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example [email protected]
  • Password: Your Hotmail or Windows Live password
  • SMTP: (Port 25)
  • Authentication required? Yes (same as POP username and password)
  • TLS/SSL required? Yes
  • Secure Connection: Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail

Hotmail Sign Up

To sign up for Hotmail is easy. As with everything else, fill in your details, agree to the terms and conditions and hit enter. Your new @hotmail address will also be your Windows Live ID which you’ll be able to use to access other sites and services (for example, to login to MSN Messenger). Once your new email address is active you will receive notices and service updates and even advertisements from Windows Live, Bing and so on. At this stage it is not clear whether it is possible to opt-out from receiving these emails to your Hotmail address.

And finally… a bit of history. Here are some screen shots of Hotmail over time.

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Windows [email protected]

Hotmail evolved a lot and now offers Windows [email protected] – free email to educational institutions around the world. The latest one in Perth was Curtin University that just deployed the system to their Graduate Business School.

Hotmail Windows Live@Edu

I have to say that interface is very light and fast – a great improvement since the old IMP/Horde based email system. With Hotmail [email protected] you get 10GB mail box and a range of Microsoft tools.

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The review " – Email Where You Need It" was last updated on 17/04/2015.

  • saaid malki

    tack till alla hotmail team och det är bästa service

  • sean miller

    i havent checked my emails for sometime but the last time i did i had heaps. and just today i logged in to have a look and now it sais i have no emails, iv lost all my contacts, emails that were saved. please help as their important emails that i saved now iv got nothing….

  • James E. Nelson

    The worst ever, lost my icons
    for myself and user-can;t sign in!!!~!

  • james scott peter

    i need my hotmail/live user id ???

  • tina

    Hi just wanted to change my name, i did that but i can’t access the email from before i changed the name/

  • Robyn Clark (Freeman)

    I am unable to sign in to get emails. I have to put in my password at least three times and I still do not get all the emails it says I have.

  • hey every one this is me betress and i just what to say that hotmail is a very good web for people i just lllllooovvvveeeeeeeeee

  • maake korovulavula

    am having trouble logging in to my email

  • Teresa

    Why am l having trouble signing in to my hotmail account for last 2 days? Help needed.

  • Hotmail is a great email service. I still have my Hotmail account which I have created some 9 years ago. Microsoft has improved the service over the years and what I like about Hotmail now is that it will automatically increase your Inbox capacity on a as needed basis.

  • iiiiiaaaailovehotmail

  • Hotmail was a reliable email service for me. I don’t ever recall having encountered any issues with my account. I am still using my original Hotmail email account up to this day although the interface has evolved significantly.

  • tayla

    hi every one i really want to have a hot mail can i please

  • Hotmail was the king of webmail back then until Gmail arrived. Gmail is really giving Hotmail a run for its money.

  • Mark

    Thanks, i didnt even realise you could intergrate into your pop3.

  • I remember paying for more storage with Hotmail. That all changed in 2004 when google’s gmail turned up offering gig’s of storage for free. Hotmail remains a distant memory for me… right beside ICQ.

  • Hotmail was where I first created my first ever web-based email account and the benefits were really awesome back then. Having an ability to access your email messages from anywhere in the world was a feature unheard of back in the 90’s. If my memory serves me right, the limit for messages back then was a mere 2mb compared to today’s several GB’s of data. Good to see that service has evolved to what it is today.

  • grace

    I need to got on

  • Jane

    I don’t think that [email protected] is the same as Hotmail. It’s two different systems, even though both branded as Live emails.

  • Jeff

    I remember hotmail from way back. It was a nice little webmail system. But oh, boy, it was soo slow!

  • John D

    That would be nice if they offered address as well as

  • Amazing

    I don’t know about that. once you outsource your [university] email, you loose control. Who do you call when the system is down? How do you troubleshoot your hotmail/education accounts? “Cloud storage”, “hosted email” all sounds good, as long as you have direct access to that “cloud”. I think it won’t be long before we’ll hear some disaster stories about it all.

  • John D

    Actually, it looks like Hotmail accounts can be used to login to that webmai system. Just came across this page that describes how to create Hotmail account logins for students:

  • KD

    [email protected] looks good – It sounds to me like a nobrainer. Why bother with in-house email when you can outsource the whole lot, cheaper to a more reliable system like that. I wonder how it compares with business gmail though..

  • Norm

    Ben – [email protected] and Hotmail are two different systems. [email protected] hosted email is actually quite nice..

  • Phil Krot

    Curtin university in Perth announced that they will be migrating their student email accounts to Microsoft [email protected] – I suppose it’s similar to Here is that link:,130061733,339298340,00.htm

  • Bruce R

    I reckon Hotmail was the a start of social networking the way we know it today. It was a bold idea back then to make email available anywhere in the world. I remember receiving an email from someone who used it, and I thought, wow, this system is really hot! I’m also glad to see that it developed a lot in the recent years and is very fast and is able to compete with gmail and yahoo mail. (Now that yahoo and MS are one, it’ll be interesting to see what’s going to happen with the two webmail systems).