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Review of Top Youth Fashion Clothing Brands

It is easy to track the latest trends in adult fashion, however the latest fashion trends and styles for the younger generation is less available. Despite this, it is a huge part of the fashion industry and with more and more of the younger generation both male and female involved in fashion it is important to know what is popular. Currently, the younger generation tend to be involves in a particular “scene”, whether that is indie, emo or street for example and within this scene there are certain fashion trends. The fashion industry caters to this and there are several looks and styles available for each of these groups.

Currently in fashion, the rock and gothic style is definitely popular and many high profile celebrities are rocking this look which has taken it from being somewhat obscure to becoming mainstream fashion. The look is rebellious, playful and at times intentionally rough around the edges, it can include a combination of dark colours and extremely bright colours both in the form of clothing and accessories. Popular in this look are printed tank tops which are big this season, the come in a variety of colours and designs with bold prints and logos incorporated into the designs. The great thing about these is that there is an endless variety to choose from and they can be accessorised and incorporated into a number of styles easily. A popular clothing brand for teens is the retailer Top Shop, it hosts a variety of styles for both teens to adults and keeps well on top of the latest trends. Top Shop also stocks the clothing lines of influential celebrities, one of which is Kate Moss who is known to wear a variety of styles including rock and indie.

Another style which remains high fashion is urban and street fashion. This is a hugely popular style and is seen both in the younger generation and the older generation. Within the music industry urban and street style is worn by many of the top selling artists as much of the music in the charts at the moment is R&B. This provides style icons for both males and females, one popular clothing brand is “Urban Outfitters” which supply a good range of urban style clothing which is high fashion and diverse. The brand supplies clothing and accessories for males and females for all seasons. Also, in fashion many of the younger generation are enjoying dressing in high fashion brand labels. One brand which is very popular amongst the teenage populous is Abercrombie & Fitch, which supplies the latest looks for males and females. Abercrombie & Fitch is fashionable due to its smart appearance and variety of styles available, it is mostly popular with young males hoping to look smart and well dressed.

There are many top high street stores and brands which are popular with the younger generation. Stores which are hugely successful at providing what the younger generation want such as H&M and Topshop provide an ever changing variety of clothes to suit most markets and styles. However, the younger generation now have been found to be less brand name conscious and very much in favour of individuality. Sourcing clothing and accessories from individual online stores and boutiques in favour of high street clothing is now far more common, an example of this would be Volcom Clothing which provides a variety of interesting and eclectic clothing to suit a variety of styles.

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