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Greenlines ( offers low maintenance and easy to install steel garden and landscape edging.

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The website provides information about metal edging for garden and landscaping needs. While there are many different types of garden edging, metal edging is a very flexible product, suitable for most types of different gardens.

The website us maintained by Greenlines Gardenware Pty. Ltd. and sells FormBoss Garden Edging System (Patent pending) – a product that can be shaped, installed and re-installed as needed.

garden edgingFormBoss metal edging is a great product that bring the following benefits. It is

1)      Shapeable : You can create various types of desired shapes. This also includes safe rounded top safety edge too.

2)      Versatile in Nature. It has many uses over traditional edging methods.

3)      Durable. It can last anywhere between 10 to 30 years, depending on soil conditions.

4)      Easy in approach. It consist of simple design and easy to install. No special tools are required.

If you are looking for a flexible garden edging solution, make sure to visit It is worth checking metal edging because it is flexible, easy to install and durable for many years. You will also find other garden maintenance information on this website that may give you may other ideas for your new garden design. If you already use FormBoss, please let us know what is your experience with that product.

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The review " – Metal Garden Edging" was last updated on 11/01/2010.

  • All Steel Landscape edging products are available in Green, Brown and Black powder coat finish. Unpainted Galvanized finish is also available on most products.

  • TerryY

    Is there a distributor in Perth, WA?

  • Tommi Heinonen

    I have the metal endings on part of the garden but I`ll be replacing them next summer for bricks since tge weather here in Finland is cruel.

  • Robert Craig

    i used the metal edging in my garden. I live in the uk so i got these shipped over. Much better than wood.

  • I haven’t seen this product before but it looks interesting. I got Kwik Kerb Concrete Edging done at my house and I have been happy with that. Here’s a link if you are interested.