Government Funded Training

Up to $5000 government grants available for business owners, permanent employees, part-time employees and casual employees. Find out more at

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Government Grants – Up to $5,000

Up to $5,000 in government grants available to pay for training in business or IT. The website www. provides information for Australian citizens, employees and business owners to obtain government funding grants to cover the full cost of obtaining a qualification.

Training Courses

Courses include

  • Certificate IV in Business,
  • Business (Management),
  • Frontline Management,
  • Customer Contact and
  • Information Technology.

Training providers specialize in flexible learning, so there is no need to attend classes. You can choose between written and verbal assessments depending on your learning style. Recognition of Prior Learning is available for those with existing skills or experience. Up to $5,000 government grants available for business owners, permanent employees, part-time employees and casual employees. More info:

Training courses are a great way to:

  • Increase the skill set of your staff and your business
  • Invest in yourself and retain your staff
  • Reward yourself or your staff with a nationally accredited qualification

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