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The Federal Government's My School website ( allows people - (concerned parents!) search and compare the profiles of about 10,000 Australian schools. Find out how your school is ranked!

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It’s not very often a website has so much pre-launch publicity, so when it is launched, millions of people try to access it at the same time – crushing the system, eager to find that controversial information that make this new website so well known.

The New My School Website – What is it?

MySchool WebsiteThis new web site is available at and allows people (concerned parents!) search the profiles of about 10,000 Australian schools. There are various reports whether this is good or not, as the system exposes the well and not so well performing schools across the country.

The My School website has been developed by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority – an independent authority that publishes nationally comparable data on all Australian schools together with various players in the education sector across the country. shows literacy and numeracy test results for each school and compares them to the national average. There are reports of angry teachers and school principles, criticizing the government for giving this new information for parents to use to compare their kids education against other that in other schools.

It is concerning that it is schools and education sector that is “scared” of the information that is provided on Why? Well, apart from the possibility of this information becoming the primary data for education benchmarks, isn’t it a good thing, to have it all on the open – to openly talk about what people know already? It’s not line parents don’t realise that some schools are better than others. At least this is now acknowledged in public. Maybe this will end up to be a solution to help up under-performing schools to catch up with the leaders of the pack.

My School Website in the News

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The review " – Government My School Website" was last updated on 17/04/2015.

  • Jade

    As a teacher, I know most schools (except those with a high number of ESL or special ed students) can get a good myschool result by teaching to the NAPLAN test. Imagine being a student in school A and spending your days being drilled how to get a good result on a test.
    Now imagine a dynamic teacher in school B who teaches science through growing vegis, goiong on nature walks or doing hand on experiments, maths by measuring, deisgning, shopping, literacy through writing and acting plays, priniting stories for other children etc etc.
    I know students would love learning and wake up wanting to go to school everyday in school B. They are being set up to succed in life, find fun in everything, be well equipt with everyday life skills and love learning. Unfortunanty there is no standardised tests for this.
    The children in school A hate school, hate learning and it manifests into problem behaviour. But the NAPPLAN is good!!
    Myschools discriminate not only againsed ELS and special ed loaded schools, but also those that refuse to offer a tourist curriculum aimed at passing a test

  • Kris (STUDENT UHS)

    I, as a student dislike this very much, because it uses a “discriminatory” way to compare schools. The idea for the website was supposed to be Beneficial for us students, but it realy does reflect badly on us, and our school pride. How are we supposed to strive well at school when we conciously know that people are rating us, even if we try our hardest at what we do academically. This i do not support at all.

  • Ned Kelly

    This is a fantastic idea. We can now draw all kinds of conclusions, appropriate blames and start action some of the real plans. Let the games begin.

    We all know that DETA is in a mess and needs a drastic overhaul. State governments’ employees are not doing their jobs and need this kind a kick in the but to get them motivated. Surely you are paid to to work. Don’t forget it is our fees and taxes that pays your wages.

    Schools are doing a fair bit but seriously is that enough? If you are entrusted with a bunch of kids and you as their teacher can’t get them to learn surely you can revisit your teaching methods and adjust your approach a bit.

    Parents are here too. They have to do more then just send their off-springs to school and let someone else to take over their responsibilities. Way too simple. Isn’t it? Surely you can find the 4 hours a day to sit with your sons and daughters and reiterate what they have just learn in their schools. Don’t be shy your children will love you for that. You could also spare some time and get involved with the school. Help to do some practical work around the yards, have your say at the school meetings, be on hand to help the teachers and of course keep your kids focus on education away from all the digital entertainment.

    Well did I forget anyone? Oh yeah the massive business community and their financial sector. Well they could adopt a school or two specially the under-performing ones. I don’t think they will but what the hack make it mandatory. For every ten million you have turned over per annum you have to sponsor one school. Your job will be to lift the school image and make her compatible again. That’ll fix it.

  • Rita

    I think it’s a great idea just wish it was available to me earlier. Unfortunately even when this sort of information is provided it’s hard to get into some of the top performing schools due to geography and finances. I think the important lesson for me is to do extra school work like kumon etc if you want to keep your kids above the rest.

  • Ned Kelly

    Myschool is great idea. It’s all about being open and involve the community. After all these are our children we are talking about. This is not about pointing fingers or shaming in the principals and teachers but identifying problems and attempting solutions.

    Great job !! Let’s now move to step 2 and compare our education against other developed countries.

  • Richard

    The fact that schools are judged by one test (Naplan?) is very sad. It ignores the reality that some schools are situated in the lower socio-economic areas where many students come to school unprepared and not ready for schooling. And yes, this will reflect on the school’s test performance. But surely this can’t be used to classify or rank the school with others which just happened to have a better (or smarter) student intake.

  • Jim

    hey… I found this website which does what the myschool site does and more… it lets you compares schools, sort them, search by suburb and surrounds and plot them on a map…

  • Arya

    i think myschool is very good idea. Students can compare their school with other scholl to.

    very good post

  • It’s a great idea to have a website like this. Kind of in line with the ratemyteacher website. I know when my daughter was having a problem with a particular teacher in her school, the first thing I did was go to ratemyteacher and see if other people were having problems. Sure enough that teacher had a 1 out of 5 rating. Just made it easier for me to decide how to handle the situation.

    This website could perform a similar function – although on an entire school, instead of a single teacher.

    The speed is ok~Not so bad.

  • costumehost

    govt cant blame the teachers

  • Nev

    I guess now that the top performing schools set education benchmarks, under performing classes (and teachers) will be under the pump to prepare their kids for tests like NAPLAN etc.

  • Steve

    Everyone feels that this is a good thing as they believe that it now shows schools up as they really are. However, should one look a little closer it really shows how inept the Government is and how poorly the Department of Education is run. It is a shame that you believe it is the Schools fault however should you be actively involved in your child’s education you would have to question these two so called ‘Bodies” that the results actually reflect their mismanagement.

    You see how can teachers really be able to obtain good results when their positions can change. They believe that if a school loses children, then they then have to lose teaching staff and down it flows.
    The number of teaching and all other staff is dependant on the number of enrolments in a school.
    Once the numbers reduce based on the schools rating, then so do the number of teaching staff.
    Might we say, that it can happen as quickly as anything. Your child may have a teacher today, but if the numbers decrease then your child may be having to face that fact that their teacher is replaced by another teacher.This can happen throughout the whole year. Therefore, not only is the school disrupted, but the teaching staff, the office staff and most of all, the children.
    So you see, your children are at risk as there is no continuity in teaching, nor is there any commitment by these two bodies to deliver a stable environment for your children.

    Yet there is more job losses to come.

    It is about time that they shave jobs in their hierarchy , and make a true commitment to providing a better education for children by ensuring there is stability.

    Let us now ask them to make a better future for our children by giving them a stable environment which is greatly needed to be able to achieve the results we as parents would like for our children.Why should the number of staff reduce just because children leave? One could save money by having them as permanent staff members instead of casuals as this would be ‘cost effective’

    Isn’t that what we are here for? To give our children the best possible chance at life by giving them the best education possible.

    Take the time now to find out more about this and make a stand to help our children.

  • mandy

    I don’t think its about discrimination or pressure. It’s not like parents don’t know already what sort of school their kids go to, the only difference is now that this information is out on the open. I don’t think it’s bad. It’s no use pretending that it’s not there.

  • Grace

    I think it’s terrible.If the teachers don’t already have enough pressure and fight now the government wants to dodge the bullet and point the finger at them aswell!!! Fair go, it needs to go.

  • Veronica Williams

    Ok, there are schools under performing, now what! Who is going to help these schools improve?
    My Children go to a school that rates, average to below average but my kids topped their year.
    Will they now be looked down upon because of the local school we have to attend? Will they now be discriminated against even though they are “A” grade students?
    While the web site is informaitive, not all parents have the means to send there children to a better ranking school. I feel the information would of been better used within the government ranks to help them identify, and fix the Education system, instead of making parents feel that if their school is under performing the solution is to find another school. Not all parents have the means to do this, it is not fair to the Children.

  • Alison

    It’s all well to have that data. i wish it was possible to actually get into those well-performing schools. They should also include the waiting list data – i.e. how long the waiting list is to get to that particular school.

  • Jim

    Have you actually tried that website? The quality of results that it proceses is very good. It’s quite amazing, actually – I think it’s great to have this sort of information available online. For example, NAPLAN test results etc are good.

    Not sure about the “student attendance” rate data or Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA)…

  • I think my school website is a great idea. Shame the IT guys did have it all sorted and ready to handle the traffic it got 🙂

    Hopefully they will have it all sorted from now on in.

  • Bob

    my school website is slow. It keeps on crashing on me – impossible to use.

  • Jane

    I think my school website is a great thing. having the information out on the open is good. hiding it and pretending that nothing happens is bad. Everybody knew that there are schools that are under performing. Why does it sound like a news to people, now that the website has data on it?