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The Federal Government's My School website ( allows people - (concerned parents!) search and compare the profiles of about 10,000 Australian schools. Find out how your school is ranked!

My School – Government’s My School Website

It’s not very often a website has so much pre-launch publicity, so when it is launched, millions of people try to access it at the same time – crushing the system, eager to find that controversial information that make this new website so well known.

The New My School Website – What is it?

MySchool WebsiteThis new web site is available at and allows people (concerned parents!) search the profiles of about 10,000 Australian schools. There are various reports whether this is good or not, as the system exposes the well and not so well performing schools across the country.

The My School website has been developed by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority – an independent authority that publishes nationally comparable data on all Australian schools together with various players in the education sector across the country. shows literacy and numeracy test results for each school and compares them to the national average. There are reports of angry teachers and school principles, criticizing the government for giving this new information for parents to use to compare their kids education against other that in other schools.

It is concerning that it is schools and education sector that is “scared” of the information that is provided on Why? Well, apart from the possibility of this information becoming the primary data for education benchmarks, isn’t it a good thing, to have it all on the open – to openly talk about what people know already? It’s not line parents don’t realise that some schools are better than others. At least this is now acknowledged in public. Maybe this will end up to be a solution to help up under-performing schools to catch up with the leaders of the pack.

My School Website in the News

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