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A music course you've been waiting for! MWT Institute music courses are delivered by industry professionals who want your musical talents to shine.

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Music Courses at MWT

If you have aspirations of becoming a professional musician, you will know that it can be a hard business to get into without the right qualifications and skills. So completing a music course is a great way to get both. You won’t just hone your music skills, but will gain a better insight into all aspects of the music industry.

Music courses to suit all abilities

MWT has a variety of music courses available to suit all abilities. They offer the opportunity to gain valuable skills to give you a step up in the music business from the start.

The Institute courses recognise the difficulties facing aspiring musicians in such a competitive industry, so the courses are tailored to not just improve music ability, but also to better equip students with knowledge, from recording and mixing songs, to music theory.

The music courses give a clear structure on how to progress, with Certificates in Music all the way through to a Diploma in Music.

For those wanting an introduction into the music industry and to refine their music ability, the six-month courses for Certificate I & II of Music is the perfect place to start. They have tailored the course to hone student’s skills in performing, as well as the important aspects of music theory. The courses allow students to explore their chosen instrument in more depth, whilst learning valuable skills in theory and the music business as a whole. With opportunities to take part in performances throughout the year, budding musicians are given plenty of time to build up their confidence and practice their craft with like-minded individuals.

Courses for more advanced musicians

For more advanced musicians who have completed Certificates of Music I & II, the next stage is Certificate III & IV of Music, which are 6-month courses. As the next level in music programmes, this offers a greater insight into how to be successful in the industry and hone your instrument skills. This is the ideal course, for those looking for a more in-depth and rounded view of the music business with aspirations of becoming a live performer. They have designed the course so musicians can specialise in specific areas such as vocal, song writing, studio-recording, drums, guitar or base guitar. The other great thing about this course is that it’s located on the Broadmeadows campus, where there is a dedicated recording studio and auditorium for practicing.

For the ultimate qualification in music, the Diploma of Music gives students a great opportunity to take part in a fully interactive course. As a twelve month course, you have the opportunity to take full advantage of the Mac Lab and Cubase, to work on recording an EP of songs. This course brings together all the elements of the previous music courses from performing through to composing and recording music.

The Institute have created a brilliantly structured music course programme that covers an introduction to the industry all the way through to a comprehensive qualification in music that gives the perfect starting block for a successful career.

The great thing about these courses, is that they are geared towards the students and bringing out creativity, confidence and ability at every turn. They are nationally recognised and can open doors into a whole manner of careers from performing as a solo artist, cover band or resident performer. As well as plenty of other opportunities in industries like film, television, computer software, advertising and radio, to name but a few.

The professionalism and guidance given on the courses means that everyone who participates will benefit from any one of these courses. They also give the flexibility to do the courses full or part-time, so you can fit it in around other commitments too.

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The review "Get Your Music Education at MWT" was last updated on 17/04/2015.