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Fuji Xerox printers come in different styles and can be used for the office or for personal use. Find out more about the latest colour, black and white and wide format models.

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Fuji Xerox printers come in different styles, and choices of black and white or colour printers. They can be used for the office or for personal use. Fuji Xerox also provides wide format printers if your printing jobs require larger than normal sized copies.

Colour Printers

Fuji Xerox Colour PrintersFuji Xerox provides nine different models of colour printers to choose from, which also have the ability to print black and white copies as well. The DocuPrint C4350 printer provides functions such as banner printing, form overlay printing, watermark printing, multiple-up printing, and also comes with a transparency separator. More functions can be added by getting the optional internal HD and Professional Finisher. It has the capability to print 35 colour and 45 black and white pages per minute.

Two of the most basic colour printers they offer are the C1110 and the C2200. The C1110 is a small but powerful laser printer in which the toner is easily changed. It can be used with both non-networked and networked configurations, and has the capability to print 16 black and white or 12 colour pages per minute. The C2200 is another compact printer that can print up to 25 pages per minute, whether you need black and white or colour copies.

Their Phaser 7760, 6360, and 8560 printers are the fastest double sided printers. Depending on the model they can print anywhere from 30 to 40 colour pages per minutes and up to 45 black and white pages. These Phaser series printers offer high quality colour prints at a fast speed. Other double-sided colour printers include the DocuPrint C3055DX, C2255, and C3300DX.

Black & White Printers

Fuji Xerox Black and White PrintersFuji Xerox offers seven black and white models if you don’t need a printer that also prints colours. They all offer double-sided printing and can print anywhere from 20 to 50 pages per minute depending on the model. Their Phaser 3200MFP is a multi-functional unit offering the ability to print, copy, scan and fax.

Wide Format

Fuji Xerox Wide Format PrintersIf you are in need of a wide format copier, they have four choices available. The DocuWide 2050 series offers print and scan functionality, while the Synergix Print System 510dp, DocuWide 3030, and Xerox 6204 all offer copying in addition to printing and scanning.

Fuji Xerox has been a leader in the industry for many years now, and these printers will continue to keep their name among the best in the field. No matter what you need in a printer, it looks like you are likely to find it at Fuji Xerox.

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  • John

    The wide format is for me the most flexible as I can do a number of function and styles. Though, aside from this, majority of printers now are more efficient than they were 5 years ago. There is, in my experience, not a lot of difference between the major brands. The color printers are able to be printed in B&W and are reducing in price very quickly.

  • We use the C1110 for our shops and it works perfectly and doesn’t chew through cartridges. Highly recommended for a small business like ours, plus it looks very modern.