– Freeview TV Channel Roll-out in Australia

Freeview ( is the brand given to the digital terrestrial television platform in Australia. It is intended to bring all free-to-air TV channels to a consistent marketing effort againts pay tv.

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What is Freeview?

Freeview is already here. If you have a digital HD TV or a digital HD tuner or a digital HD set-top box, you are already connected.

Freeview is 29 free over-the-air channels to all digital TV sets across Australia and produce an  electronic program guide (EPG) so that viewers can see real-time program listings in a form of a separate Freeview TV channel.

Freeview Channels

How To Tune Up To Freeview

All you need is a digital TV set or a digital TV tuner. You don’t need anything special to tune up to Freeview – they are just like any other normal TV channels, but more, and some of them High Definition.

FreeviewPlus is a latest addition to the service which allows viewers to watch TV program outside of schedule, on demand. You’ll need a set-top box or a TV that supports the feature, and a good connection to the Internet. TV programs will be streamed online from the Internet.

First Channels

  1. The first new Freeview channel started on the 26th of March 2009 with Network Ten’s One sports Freeview channel.
  2. The second Freeview channel started on the 1st of June 2009. It is SBS Two. Third, GO Channel is launched on 9 August 2009.
  3. 7TWO, is the third standard definition Freeview channel, launched by the Seven Network on 1 November 2009 at 12pm.
  4. ABC3 – Children’s programs, is launched on the 4th of December 2009.

What you need to know

Well, first, it’s free. What it means is that if you have a digital HD TV tuner, you can tune in to new Freeview channels. If you do an automatic channel search, you should find all of the available “Freeview” tv channels.

What are the Freeview TV Channels?

Here is a list of Freeview TV Channels. More info can obviously be found at

Channel No. Name Type Resolution
1 ONE HD Sport 1080i HD
2 ABC1 General entertainment 576i SD
3 SBS One General entertainment 576i SD
7 Seven Digital General entertainment 576i SD
9 Nine Digital General entertainment 576i SD
10 Ten Digital General entertainment 576i SD
11 Eleven General 576i SD
12 ONE Same as One HD 576i SD
20 ABC HD No announced changes 720p HD
22 ABC2 General entertainment 576i SD
23 ABC3 Children’s programs 576i SD
24 ABC4 News Channel 720p HD
30 SBS HD No changes 720p HD
32 SBS Two General entertainment 576i SD
70 Seven HD 1080i HD
72 7TWO General entertainment 576i SD
73 7mate Youth Channel 1080i HD
90 Nine HD 1080i HD
99 GO! 576i SD

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The review " – Freeview TV Channel Roll-out in Australia" was last updated on 18/04/2015.

  • c gray

    why make a comment when you wontt answer them

  • c gray

    you dont care what people say do you

  • Jens

    just a question about the coverage. Does anyone of the region Darwin have such freeview and is the signal well up there?

  • Geoff Hennig

    The Federal Govt. is currently advising that the analogue TV network is closing soon, I believe, without due consideration to those who live in fringe areas.

    It is suggested in the advertisements that the addition of a set top box or a digital TV is the only requirement to obtain digital reception. That a new digital masthead amplifier and high quality cabling plus wall plate terminal may also be required is not mentioned.

    Believing the first to be faulty, we purchased two set two boxes then a new digital compatible TV receiver to discover the only reliable reception is analogue, albeit often at poor quality.

    At a cost of almost $1000, we have since had professionally installed, a satellite tuner and antenna, digital terrestrial masthead amplifier and new cabling enabling us to receive both the original terrestrial signals and the very limited “free to air” satellite signals.

    Today we could not view ABC 1 without reverting to analogue or better still our satellite installation.

    This problem is experienced by others. As a volunteer carer I recently assisted a senior citizen in the nearby town of Sedan to purchase a new digital TV set and he is very disappointed that he frequently has to revert to analogue to obtain a signal. He has a new antenna, up-to-date masthead amplifier and quad shielded cable. For some reason it appears that together with channels 1 and 10, ABC is the most unreliable. I can refer you to a neighbour who experiences the same problems.

    As I see the situation when analogue ceases:

    The only reliable access to ABC 1 will be via satellite

    Access to ABC 2, 3 and 4 is not reliable and these are not yet available via satellite.

    Channels 1 and 10 are reliable and these are not yet available via satellite

    I have been informed by our installer that a card will soon be made available to enable all current “free to air” Adelaide channels to be viewed via our satellite installation. Do you have any news of this and if it will soon be available?

  • mark croke

    hey i live in caboolture queensland and have a digital ready tv and no matter how many times i tune it none of the abc channels can or are shown or appear on my television so can you tell me why i can’t get them and when do the new channels come on line

  • Kylie

    Eden did u get ur SBS reception fixed??? We had the exact same problem in Cairns North when we suddenly lost SBS but other channels are still fine.
    Have googled frequency settings and it’s all tuned perfectly but no picture!!! We are within normal reception area per SBS website too. No idea why it just doesn’t work anymore! Frustrating!

  • I saw it advertised on TV and it looks very impressive with a lot of kiddys shows for my grandchildren when they visit Oma and Opa {Dutch for grandma and grandpa }.
    Itt’l be very much appriciated if we could sign up for your programs , thank you.

  • @Sharee . Best to get someone to come out and check your antenna. Digital is very much an “all or nothing” experience and as you noticed weather can effect it. We had the same problem and a new antenna fix it.

    Overall Freeview is ok but I find ABC’s iview better suits my needs.

  • Geoff Hennig

    My Digital signal can be excellent and then drop out fully or partially requiring a switch back to analogue for a picture. We have a fringe antenna. refurbished compatible mast amplifire and new cabling. Is the Govt. going to use a satellite to overcome these fringe area problems? We use satellite for internet.

  • Sharee

    Have just gotten a hd set top box to switch over to digital and was disappointed to find I do not get any abc or sbs channels. I used to get these with the regular reception but now don’t have them. Also, all channel sevens cut out (saying ‘no signal’) at the slightest change of weather.

  • John D

    The Australian government just launched a new website which talks about the new Digital TV.
    – Between 2010 and 2013 analog free-to-air TV signals are being switched off and replaced with digital-only signals. Here it is:

  • Rebekah B

    We have a set top box but we can’t get channel 72. Channel 72 comes up and the info button lists Channel 72’s programs but the picture is the standard channel 7?

  • Daryl Wardenaar

    What a Joke!! If you live in regional Tasmania it wont be till 2013 before we see half of freeview (e.g win southern cross).

    ha ha what a joke

  • Tara Anderson-Lane

    Hi there

    Up until 2 weeks ago I was receiving all free to air channels. I can no longer get TV 70,72 & 90. TV99 reception stops & starts. From having all channels I now receive 4. How do I get all the channels that I had 2 weeks ago. My television set is a Pioneer Plasma 50″ less than 3 yrs old.

  • Ben Thornton

    I get all the channels on my panasonic LCD tv and through my panasonic dvd player but I cant get any abc channels on my teac LCD tv that i just bought for my bedroom. They’re all connected to the same antenna. Anyone know how I can fix this problem?

  • Pieter Nieuwenhuizen

    I am receiving all the channels mentioned above on your website on my new plasma flat screen tv.
    I notice however that there are additional channels which breakup as soon as they come on the screen.
    They are Parliament, Senate and Reps; NITV; Teachers TV; ACCTV; and Expo. Do you need changes to the antenna in order to receive those signals?

  • John D

    It was just pointed out to me that ABC3 was launched on 4 December 2009. It can be accessed from channel 23.

  • Eden and anyone else experiencing problems with signal – I’d suggest you look at purchasing a better antenna aerial if you live in a rural area this should significantly increase the quality of your signal and you shouldn’t experience the problem again, even the cord running from your TV or box to the aerial should be as thick as possible if you want the highest quality signal possible. Most people generally think the aerial has no effect because the signal is digital but that is not the case, a quality aerial will always give you a great signal. If you plan on living in there for quite a while Eden it would be worth investing in a high quality one. This will most likely be your problem. Great article, never knew the web site existed. I’m so glad Australia made the switch to Digital TV on a national level. Now we have a bunch more channels and we can hopefully look forward to seeing some brand new ones, a change is always good but an extra free channel something different altogether.

  • John D

    Michael – if you have a digital TV or a set top box, you just need to find and enable channel 72. There should be a setting to list all channels available and then select/add or enale 72.

  • michael kilgour

    i cant tune the new 7two channel in. the freeview site is useless, as it doesnt give the frequency so you can tune the channel manually.can anyone help?

  • John D

    GO! Channel as a new website:

  • Eden

    I live in Trinity Beach QLD, 4879, and overnight Friday all my digital channels bar SBS vanished?

    I tried the TV at my parents and it successfully tunes them in?

    Anyone have any idea what could be causing this, who to contact??

  • John D

    douglas.corrin – yes, that’s pretty much it. I’m not aware of any other channels except 1 (Ten HD), ABC 2, SBS2, Nine HD, Seven HD (which are nearly the same as non HD channels) and Go!.

  • douglas.corrin

    hi i have digital tv ,i get go, 5 channel seven stations all the same programs,win has 3 channels,win and nine the same nothing on nine ten 3 stations 2 have the same programs nine hd is different programs now and then.most sport on go in australia is a repeat from channel ten,their live sport is that is 11 channels without abc or sbs channels,is that freeview

  • w jenkinson

    hi i have just returned from uk were they are currently broadcasting 49 freeview channels all with different programs to normal tv channels why not here

  • jennifer watters

    I have been trying to get the Go channel with no success I live in Narrandera(2700) and have a digital plasma tv can only get to channel 69 can you tell me why and if its avaliable here I know its not in Griffith but its avaliable in Wagga Wagga.I have rang Win and Griffith and Wagga could not tell me why its only avaliable in some areas

  • Lorraine McNeair

    Thank you for responding to my comment. I will take it on board. Waste of time getting in touch with pollies – since when do they take any notice of “us” – only at election time, of course. Lorraine

  • admin

    Lorraine, I agree with you and I am surprised that Freeview would run TV ads in Tasmania, without actually having TV channels there.

    Our website has no association or affiliation to Freeview.

    It may be worth going to the Freeview official website and sending them a message (there is a “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page).

    Or maybe even contacting your state government, as it is the government that pushes for divital tv switch.

  • Lorraine McNeair

    Hey Admin – Have all the requirements my end – but no channels to watch. Discrimination at its highest here in Tasmania – again – leave us off the maps, etc. etc. – we are – supposedly – part of Australia, too. Can you tell me why we are being discriminated against. Don’t run the “Free View ads on our television channnels – it just rubs salt into the wounds already there.

  • admin

    Donna –
    If you have an HD digital TV receiver and you can view TV channels through it, you’re already connected to FreeView.

    For more info, visit the official Freeview site at or review the manual for the HD TV tuner or talk to people where you bought your TV or HD tuner.

  • could you please contact me as to how to connect to freeview?
    I have been through this site but can-not find the step to connect.
    Donna Kay

  • andrea reko

    Hi, I have a hisense digital set top box for a couple of years, along with a new antenna etc.
    I cant get all new channels that are now out.
    Only get abc 1 &2, 7, 9. 10. sbs 1 &2 cant get any others. Have retuned etc several times and 10 HD etc & other channels have about 98 to 99% resolution but no pic comes up at all.
    Please help

  • zaiaar

    y cant I pick up any SBS channel in my place at 29 Kildare road Blacktown? really want to entertain myself by watching the thy are one of the best …

  • john

    hey ive got a hd tv but i still cant get all the HD channel ive done everything butt still i cant
    ive got a panasonic hd tv .
    how do i get all the freeview channels?

  • Barbara

    Most times I cannot get 10 HD it just goes to screen saver and the mega pixals are all over the place and it is even worse in bad weather

  • r willich

    when will free view be in albury area the sport channel one hd sport
    are there going to movie channels

  • Jeanette Ritter

    Having moved to Bruny Island Tasmania 7 years agofrom Melbourne, I thought I would be treated the same as the rest of Australia. I can not believe how Tasmanians are descriminated against.

    Why can’t we get free to air like everyone else?

  • Lorraine McNeair

    I live in Tasmania and I know that Tasmanian television viewers are getting sick of being bombarded with the freeview ads when we can’t get any of the “free’ channels. Poor old Tasmania – always the last to get new developments.

  • N.Coote

    I find that all the channels have a great picture in the main aerial. Why is there no comedy channels? In the uk the freeview has about 80 channels. Why do we have only 15…. Eventually??? At the moment there is no competition between freeview and pay tv. Freeview will never be on top with the average programs!!!

  • Ken

    All channels are V.G except SBS. I can’t pick up any signal at all in Mitchelton QLD 4053 area.

  • Danny O’Brien

    My comment is about the reception i receive all the channels are perfect BUT the ABC is a different story the picture just stops then it may move then stop i have notised that when i change channels the signan strength of the ABC goet from 82% then down to below 60% then the trouble starts but no other channel does this at all /are perfect.