Freedom Loans

Freedom Loans is an Australian-owned company that has been operating in the loan market since 2003.

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Freedom Loans ( is a financing institution that lends money to people that do not fit into the banking institutions lending criteria. Many people often find themselves between a rock and a hard place concerning finances. The reason for this is that banks come with very stringent requirements when it comes to giving loans.

This has become a problem for people that do not have pay slips, tax return files, those who are self employed, in bad debts, those needing little or quick cash and those that have move in a new country or location in a new job. The banks will not offer any loans to any of these categories leaving them out to the mercies of vicious lenders that will take advantage of their collateral to make the most out of them. These will face a lot of problems including ridiculous interest rates that will hurt them eventually as they look to settle down or close deals.

Freedom has different products for this group of people. They also work through brokers. It is however much easier for any clients in need of this kind of money to access the company directly. Getting a loan while in this situation can be a lifesaver. Many people that are employed will not have any pay slips.

People that have moved into a new country where these loans are available may also not have a pay slip or tax return files that qualify them for any loan. They also offer financial products for self employed and will support people looking for mortgage refinancing. This means easier payments and in the long run help you clear the mortgage faster with better rates.

Freedom are an answer to many people that are well able or want to come out of a bad financial situation. They will also offer loans to relieve debts and do this quickly. Their processing is much quicker than the traditional lenders making them a very reliable option for getting loans.

Accessing low doc home loans will allow you to own a home if you are self employed, worked with ABN for less than two years and don’t qualify for a loan. These are basically financial life savers for those looking to rebound on their financial status and those seeking financial help.


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The review "Freedom Loans" was last updated on 18/04/2015.