Free Insulation – Insulation Rebates

Free Insulation Installation - Australian Government Announced Insulation Rebates as a part of the economic stimulus package. The Energy Efficient Homes Package will install ceiling insulation in up to 2.9 million Australian homes.

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Free Insulation for Australian Homes

The Australian Government offers free insulation to up to 2.9 homes as a part of the $4 billion Energy Efficient Homes Package. This practical step aimed to help millions of households to reduce their energy use, cut their power bills by around $200 a year, and increase the comfort and value of their homes.

Two Components

  • The Homeowner Insulation Program. The Homeowner Insulation Program offers ceiling insulation worth up to $1,600 to owner-occupiers. The program targets homeowners who are currently uninsulated, or have ceiling insulation with an R-value of 0.5 or less.
    If the total cost of installation is less than $1,600 there will be no more for the homeowner to pay. This will be the case for most homeowners, as the average cost to insulate a home is estimated to be $1,200.
  • The Low Emission Assistance Plan for Renters. The Australian Government is offering up to $1,000 per home to help people install ceiling insulation in existing rental properties. The Plan targets rental properties that are currently uninsulated, or have ceiling insulation with an R-value of 0.5 or less. A landlord or tenant may apply, although a tenant must obtain permission from their landlord before installing ceiling insulation.


The free insulation program will start on 1 July 2009 and will run until December 2011. However, householders can get their insulation installed now, keep their receipts and claim a reimbursement from the Australian Government.

Am I eligible for free insulation?

If you are an Australian citizen, then, most likely, you are. Please consult your insulation installer or visit for more info.

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The review "Free Insulation – Insulation Rebates" was last updated on 17/04/2015.

  • philllip

    Indeed, don’t forget guys the grant will run out when the rebate funds are exhaust. Thats 4 billion dollars worth of insulation being given away by the Aussie Government.

  • John D

    Oh, that’a great. The free ceiling insulation program will run till 2011. I though it was finished 1Jan this year and we didnt’ yet get our free insulation.

  • Australia is really creating buzz to the world. How comfortable to live in Australia, wherein the Government supports every family to assure a nice living.

    I’m sure more and more people will decide to migrate to this lovely place.

  • Hurrah! 1 July is finally here. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of Australians taking advantage of the new system that should make it easier than ever to install their insulation.