– Redeem reward points

FlyBuys reward points can be exchanged for products or cash — online or over the phone.

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How To Redeem flybuys Points

To redeem your points you can either do it over the phone or online by following the simple directions on how to exchange flybuys points for cash.

You can book a great range of Rewards , except flights, which can only be claimed by calling the Service Centre on 13 1116 during business hours between 9am and 7pm, Monday to Friday AEST (excluding national public holidays). If redeeming points online, you need to choose a reward that you’re after, and then follow the prompts to book that package. Reward confirmations usually come in a couple of weeks, but it may take longer during holiday seasons.

There is a new “Winter Magazine” which offers various items in exchange for points. For example, AFL scarfs for 3,600 points or a video camera for 58,000 points. All the details are available online in the “Rewards” section of the website.

There are many categories to choose from – please check the website for more information.

Some people reported difficulties claiming their reward points online, due to the out of date contact details and other issues. In this case, contacting the provider by phone seems to be the only option.

Please note that this website has no connection of affiliation with FlyBuys rewards and therefore cannot provide any assistance with redeeming you reward points.

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The review " – Redeem reward points" was last updated on 22/09/2015.

  • Bob

    Here is a simple “How-to” for redeeming flybuys points for cash. (current as of Sept 2015)

  • Bob
  • Joan

    Why is it so difficult to redeem 2000 pts for $10.00 – so frustrating! There must be an easier way instead of wasting 30 mins. or more & still getting nowhere!

  • Bev

    Tried to redeem my flybuy dollars but after considerable time spent at the computer have decided to phone instead, it use to be easy but not anymore – what has happened?

  • Janet Brandson

    Redeeming points can be a daunting process if you forgot what details you used when registering for the program. I think the best way is just to call.

  • Thought I would avoid the long telephone wait to gain a gift card, but to go on line seems folly given all of the above. Are fly buys really worth anything. I wonder. Coles is pretty hopeless these days, and lots of junk on offer through flybuys ‘offers’.

  • Suzanne Moodie

    I think you should do something about you web site it sure is hard to work out. Looks like most people that have tried to redeem their points have had the same trouble as me. Not Good

  • carole ellis

    if at first you do not succeed, ring up, they are really nice people.

  • Brian Hale

    Was only able to redeem gift voucher by phone.

    Do the older points get used up first when redeeming our gift vouchers ?

  • Raymond McMurray

    Like all who have gone before,I have searched for 30 minutes to find how to redeem my points for a $20.00 gift card. I will now give the old fashioned telephone system a try and see if that is less confusing.

  • Mrs G Ashby

    I have been with flybuys for years gain good points let them lapse as don’t know how to use them or understand anything about it. then loose all my points.

  • Noeline Chester

    Like all the above poor souls, I have been trying for hours to redeem a $20 voucher and have now given up. I have to wait until Monday to do it by phone. Can;t claim 100 points for updating my email address either!! No such information available. I think Flybuys need to update their accessability for users on line! It’s a very poor show.

  • peter martin

    have spent 30 min just trying to find out where to redeem points for voucher now giving up.surely a web site can be worked out so it can be simple to do.the amount of money that goes to firms to just to get these points they must also come on board to help set a site.

  • cheryl taylor


  • Neil Rankin

    Although not the easiest site to navigate, abit of careful observation no trouble to receive $20.00 flybuy gift cards.(4-5 minutes)

  • Alfonso Marrollo

    need to redeem my pionts

  • I have been with flybuys for over 10 years and never received a dam thing what do I do to claim anything it does not work on line as I have just tried, I can’t even find out how many pionts I have or how yo claim them, if you can tell me how and make it simple I will give ti another try. Ros Lock.

  • Joyce Nord

    After 30 minutes, still can’t work out how to redeem a $20 voucher.

  • Cannot find how to redeem my 2 $20.00 gift vouchers. I can see by the comments that I am not the only one that cannot redeem their points.

  • marlene egan

    i have been for ages trying to put my password in still cant find how to put it in so i rang up not very happy

  • Margaret

    I too have spend ages trying to redeem points on line. Thought I was dumb. Now I know otherwise…..

  • Bridget Silvestri

    It’s easier redeeming points online!!! It is impossible – a useless service.

  • Richard

    My new email address is different to the one I signed in to.Did not know how to inform Flybuys of my change.

  • John Sullivan

    My experience has been terrible. I have just wasted an hour trying to redeem points on line. Frustrated, it appears that I will have to resort to telephone to try and redeem voucher for $50!!!

  • Robyn Cowan

    Gee, glad I read these comments before trying any longer and
    getting annoyed, thanks everyone.

  • F. Lord

    I would like to have a phone number as I can always acess the internet, you say to go to or phone but there is no number. Most annoying

  • Carol Jorgensen

    Util I read the comments of others, I thought it was me not being able to find anywhere to click on to redeem my flybuy points. How frustrating when you look for ages and then find that other people have had the same problems. It makes me wonder if it is worth the trouble, I have been shopping at Coles forever and am considering going elsewhere.

  • I had no trouble cashing in my points for gift cards. Just following the directions and its all sorted out in five minutes.
    Thanking you

  • S. Cousins

    Update on last comment. Finally went through Lasso website via previous link mentioned on this forum. I then noticed the membership number listed by Fly Buys (6 digits) on computer needs to be amended to the ACTUAL 16 DIGIT NUMBER ON BACK OF FLY BUYS CARD. UGH or DOH!

    Had to enter DOB and new password etc. and then VOILA, I was able to SIGN IN and then clicked REDEEM NOW on my item. I then went through online processing to obtain reward – without a glitch. Points deducted correctly, Let’s see if I get the item in 6 weeks. Just goes to show – perserverence pays.

  • S. Cousins

    Wanted to redeem an item for 6,800 points as I have 6,819 saved up. Went online and clicked item and then “sign in” using membership number. Nothing happended. Tried numerous times – this is my first time online – gave up and like others will have to phone through in morning as it’s 7.30pm now.

    How completely useless is Flybuys online redeeming process – IT DOES NOT WORK.
    Flybuys – sort this out and give us back “instant” online smooth processing THAT WORKS.

  • caroline

    it is fantastic joining flybuy membership

  • caroline

    I can easily redeem on line 24/7 days without waiting from the answering machine , just make many friends jealous from all the benefit I got

  • caroline

    many advantage you can’t believe you will earn from your collected point , I already had many things like frying pan , kitchen scale for more then one, body scale also roasting pan all in famous brand, just enjoy shopping you will having plenty of benefit without any annual member fee

  • gordon nicholls

    why have a web site if it does not work, phone is the only way toget any responce

  • Kathleen Blair

    After reading most of the comments on trying to redeem points online the majority are negative and after trying to redeem my points I can now see why, Fly Buys should make it an easier option than this, Back to the phone tomorrow and I thought that was bad……

  • sue gruber

    after so many complaints on how to redeem GIFT CARDS I would have thought FLYBUYS would do something ?
    I too have wasted 30 odd minutes, cum’on FLYBUYS get your act together!

  • Jill Osborne

    I’m with the rest of the disgruntled customers – tell me where you go online to get $20 Voucher
    It’s more than $20 to get it,.

  • jim whitton

    absolutely useless. the only way i have been able to redeem points is to ring.

  • dale egan

    i find this service great as it money for things i buy everday

  • maxine chenhall

    I to have trouble getting through to redeem gift cards from points
    it seems to me you have a few problems to sort out
    this is not the first time i have had this problem
    when i do it for my friends we can never get the redeem page

    thank you will ring for the card again
    regards maxine

  • Sounds nearly as frustrating as trying to receive a “cash back” offer from Acer or HP. Their websites can lead you in circles when trying to get money off them.

  • Sounds nearly as frustrating as trying to receive a “cash back” offer from Acer or HP. Their websites can lead you in circles when trying to get money off them.

  • Mary Collins

    Never have I had such a problem trying to redeem points from anywhere else. Will be shopping at Woolworths, Aldi or anywhere else other than Coles. I will not be using Flybuy card at Target or anywhere else again. Why don’t you guys make it simple, tried phoning, just as bad ,had to hang on for an eternity on my cell phone. Grrrrrr

  • elaine foyle

    how hopeless is it to try and redeem points for vouchers. i am giving up and will ring. theree is definitely no click on site to redeem for vouchers. will not waste any more time with this….

  • Teresa Barr

    I have only purchase a couple of things so far, but I have been a member for years and I have never quite understood flybuys until my friend explained the system, now I redeem all my points. thank you flybuys.

  • like every one else Iam trying to redeem a $20.00 voucher I nhave been through every flybuy site and still can not work out how youn can simpley go about it

  • Easier to phone for gift card – couldn’t do on-line!!

  • Mrs J Motum

    I have lost my FlyBuys card…How do I order a new one ???

  • rose jones


  • Robyn Goodwin

    I always have to give up and go to the phone.

  • Don Gehrke

    I have been on line for approx 30minutes trying to submit claim for 2 products, have given up in frustration, I am just wasting time which is precious to me. I will have to revert to phone when Fly Buys are open.
    2.6.2010 7.00am


    I can’t work out how to redeem a $50 voucher.

  • Michael T Sage

    Just how do yoy redeem any points in the flybuy progragm

  • M J Benson


  • StevenDavies

    Wow,Why make it so hard to redeem a voucher.Will call the 131116.

  • Jocelyn Tuki

    I am so frastrated trying to redeem my $20 voucher on line that I have almost given up trying and may not use my card again. I will try to phone but I do not have much faith in your system.

  • Carol Edge

    It is difficult and time wasting trying to redeem a $20 voucher. The points summary arrives just before the expiry date with little time for working people to take advantage of their points either by the web site (useless) never the less trying to get the phone call through before points expire. Please make your system user friendly.

  • Gayle H

    The trouble I have had is unbelievable! Even getting to earn a $20- voucher isn’t easy. Finding out how many points you are at is just incredible. Been trying for 45mns online. Will ring tomorrow!

  • Trying to redeem a $20 gift voucher on line should not be so complex.

  • susan veitch

    can you post a money order.It’shard to find a page to redeema $20 flybuy gift card.

  • Tucson Tom

    Does anyone know if this still works?

    I will still have to try despite others not having much success. Thanks for the tip

    Tom from Used Cars in Tucson

  • noeline neely

    trying to get on to redeem $20 voucher hard to do for old ladies

  • jean moore

    I have tried to redeem my $20 gift card on line, but there is nowhere for me to give details etc. I didn’t really want to phone the 13 number, I prefer to do it online, which is what it said on my points summary, so how do I do it?? regards Jean Moore

  • Kulsom Murray


  • C Jay

    Me too, I’m trying to redeem my reward points unfortunately, I can’t see anywhere that would give me the option to redeem my points and I’d be so furious too if I loose it.
    I can’t ring on the weekend they say this is outside of working hours, so I give up!
    John D, where do I go once I’ve logged into this website?

  • Cindy Ramage

    How do I redeem Coles or Target Vouchers???

  • to hard to redeem points hopeless better to ring

  • vickie baker

    it is just too hard, quicker to phone, especially foe learners like me.

  • John D

    FlyBuys catalogue is now available online at

  • Pauline Ranger

    Spent ages trying to find out how to redeem my points for a gift other than the ones at top of page!..too hard and time consuming will have to call its Dec 31st tomorrow Ill be angry if i cant get thro and loose points!

  • MN

    FlyBuys as a pioneer in reward programs in Australia. i don’t know if they get as many new members as they did in the past, as everybody is now doing reward propgrams thing.

  • John D

    Have you people seen FlyBuys catalogue on Lassoo?

    Just wondering if redeeming points through Lasso is any easier.

  • jess porton

    where do you people get that $20 gift card?

  • DF

    It looks like since FlyBuys was one of the first (even pre-email) reward programs, many people have outdated contact details. I makes sense to ring them first to update contact details, before claiming any rewards.

  • Mark

    In all the years since FlyBuys first started we have never got a brass razoo from FlyBuys!
    For some reason they got our address wrong, said they sent out $20 two times but it never got here!
    Then we were told we had to make out an affidavit to prove that we did not get it!

  • beth mayne

    how do l get a $20 gift card

  • Pamela Whatley

    I am also having trouble trying to redeem a $20 coles gift card. Will try and ring – much quicker

  • John D

    Guys, have you tried the actual FlyBuys website?

  • Barbara Green

    Very difficult to redeem points online, gave up and rang. Need a new card but unable to speak to an operator.

  • malcolm greenslade

    waste of time trying to redeem points online. it is supposed to be quicker but the flybuys site is not user friendly especially for someone like me who does not use it often.

  • Sheryl Ghirardi

    Would like to know why is it so hard to redeem $20.00 voucher have no idea how to do it online will just give up!!

  • Brook Stane

    redeeming rewards online is difficult with everybody! I remember trying to redeem points from my commonwealth bank mastercard – they website kept on asking millions of questions, until I gave up and called the bank directly.

  • don boswood

    Trying hard to redeem flybuys but can’t get started!

  • sally brown

    how do you get your $20.00 gift card. So complicated. have to make a call

  • Diane

    had to resort to phone, quicker!!

  • John D

    Mrs G M Birkett – did you try calling flybuys directly on 13 1116?

  • Mrs G M Birkett

    All I am trying to redeem online, are sufficient points for a $50 Coles voucher. I need some basic information to assist me!

  • John D

    From what I can see you just use that $20 flybuys gift card in any shop that participates in FlyBuys. In other words – it’s a good as cash. Just use it to buy something.

  • jasmeet kour

    i can’t workout how to redeem my $20 flybys gift card online.

  • Trish Easey

    I can’t workout how to redeem my $20 Flybys gift card online

  • John D

    Rita – have you tried to call the FlyBuys Service Centre on 13 1116?

  • Rita van Nispen

    It is great receiving the points and I appreciate asking me if I have flybuys.

    I cannot work out how to claim my $20 Flybuys gift card