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Send flowers in Australia and Worldwide with www.flowers.com.au - Australia's leading online florist. Flower arrangements and hampers at great value to suit all occasions.

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Flowers are not only attractive; they communicate in many different ways. The message, though wordlessly said, is powerfully spoken in colors, number, the way they are handled and gestures.

Many people like giving live potted plants of roses and other flowers on special days. Orchids are next to roses in demand and anthuriums and mums rank third and fourth respectively. Carnations, dahlias, gerberas, Shasta daisies, heliconias and birds of paradise have theirs too. You can find these all at www.flowers.com.au.

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Flowers For All Occasions

Cattleyas are a symbol of elegance, uniqueness and nobility. If someone gives you an orchid, you are special and unique. You are also highly esteemed; Chrysanthemum is a flower that expresses warmth, sympathy, friendship and also love; Easter lily speaks of happiness, joy, triumph, rejoicing, victory, awakening and realization; Lily of the valley expresses loneliness, longing, reminiscence and nostalgia, so if you receive a lily of the valley, someone misses you. Carnation also says “I miss you” or “I remember you.” It is a flower of remembrance and also loyalty; Dendrobiums, specially the pink ones emphasize consistency. The white ones tell of sincerity.

www.flowers.com.au GerberasIf you are stuck – visit flowers.com.au for some ideas. The website groups different flowers into separate categories that you can use for any occasion.

There are many more blooms that give special messages. You can combine two or more to express your ideas or thoughts more clearly and specifically. For instance, roses and dendrobium may mean love which is sincere and constant, roses and Easter lily — love and joy or triumph in love; hydrangea, roses and lily of the valley — abundant love but with shyness; mums, roses and dendrobiums — love that is warm and sincere.

Rose plants given together with herb plants such as mint, basil, rosemary, eucalyptus can send good luck wishes or message of congratulations, or longing and missing someone.

So the next time you’re planning to give flowers to your loved ones, visit flowers.com.au. They even have a gift reminder service that you can join for free to be reminded of any upcoming special dates!

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  • Matt Shevchuk

    Gift reminder? How cool is that! At least someone will remember (and remind me) of my wife’s birthday!